The story so far: Juli Kidman

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The story so far: Juli Kidman

Postby Autoignition » Sep 24, 2017 10:14 pm

This post is going to read a little bit differently from Sebastian's, because we don't have a solid timeline of events for Juli the way that we do for Seb. There are a lot fewer details on her, and her story overall is a bit more self-explanatory than his is.

    • In TEW1, Juli was 27 years old. This will make her 30 at the start of TEW2.

Fun fact: Concept artist Ikumi Nakamura headcanons Juli's birthday as Valentine's Day (February 14).

    • Juli was born and raised in Elk River, a very, very small village neighboring Krimson City.
    • Her parents were ridiculously devout in their faith and dedicated to the church in such a way that Juli was often neglected as a child.

If the religion sounds familiar, it should. This is the same sect that Sebastian ran across in STEM during TEW1 -- the same one that was caught up in cult-like mentality and human sacrifices. This cult also uses the same religious iconography as shown around Theodore in the previews for TEW2. As of right now, their direct connection remains to be seen.

    • At age 14, Juli ran away from Elk River.

She wrote a letter to her parents saying that she was going to return to Heaven -- perhaps intentionally making it sound like a suicide note. She goes on to say later that no one ever came looking for her, and she never really missed home. Sometime later down the line, she did return to Elk River for reasons she never specifies, but by this point everyone was, in her words, "gone. It was like the whole town picked up and moved." We know that Jimenez and Mobius were taking people from the cult to use for STEM research, so this is likely what cleared out the town.

    • With nowhere to go and no money to her name, Juli turned to a life of crime.

Though several of her early juvenile convictions were expunged, it ultimately doesn't matter; she was arrested and charged a total of eleven times. Her offenses include vagrancy, trespassing, destruction of property, grand theft, shoplifting, underage drinking, resisting arrest, burglary, armed robbery, possession with intent to distribute, assault, and assault on an officer.

    • On her eleventh arrest, Myra Castellanos, a detective at the KCPD, made Juli an offer for a better life instead of more jail time. Juli accepted and was recruited into Mobius.
    • Juli went through an "indoctrination process" with Mobius. They drugged her, forced her to watch a movie on repeat seemingly for purposes of hypnosis, and asked her probing questions about her life.

The questions are as follows:

→ Have you ever felt abandoned by the ones you trusted?
→ Do you wish to remain in the dark about information that will undoubtedly disturb you?
→ Are there sins you are ashamed of?
→ Do your past secrets haunt you? Do you wish to tell them, but something holds you back?
→ Can you discern between evil, and good?
→ Are you sure enough in yourself? Sure enough to face the responsibilities of your actions?

    • Once she was indoctrinated, Mobius sent her to the KCPD to train as a junior detective under the senior advisory of Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda.
    • At some point during her tenure with the KCPD, Juli's allegiances shifted. Turned off by the cult mentality surrounding Mobius and feeling drawn to the feeling of family that Sebastian and Joseph provided, Juli began to feel beholden to the latter over the former.

Unfortunately, we never really get to see why or how this happens or what Juli's direct relationship was with either Sebastian or Joseph. We know that Sebastian himself didn't trust or like Juli right from the get-go, but all signs indicate that he was never cruel or unfair to her, and he treated her with respect that he didn't actually feel. Juli thought of him as "almost harmless" and to some extent pitied the state he was in mentally.

As for Joseph, the waters are even muddier. Sebastian was under the impression that Joseph had the hots for her, though we don't ever necessarily see that come through on his end. Juli's initial impressions of Joseph have her feeling that they won't get along very well, but during The Assignment, Juli is protective over him to a certain extent and absolutely loathes the idea of having to raise a hand to his Haunted form.

    • Juli's model viewer says that she has little recollection of her past. Some of her dialogue reflects this.
In The Consequence, Juli doesn't seem to recall having ever known that Sebastian was ever married or had a child. It's impossible for her to not have known this, considering that Sebastian never stopped wearing his wedding band, and he kept Myra's missing persons flyer on his bulletin board in his office. One of the main themes in The Evil Within is the concept of memory and how pliable it can be. Tatiana says to Sebastian, "Memories are vague things, indeed. It can be easy, at times, for memories to become distorted by others. That is why they must be cherished." This is an important thing to take note of, since a lot of TEW2 will be dominated by Sebastian's memories of his family. It is very likely that Juli's memory lapses are due to Mobius interference.

    • When the massacre at Beacon was staged, Juli went into it with orders from Mobius.

There are several flashback sequences in both The Assignment and The Consequence that outline Juli's orders: Find Leslie Withers and pull him out of the machine. Just as often, there are flashbacks wherein Juli asks after the welfare of Sebastian and Joseph, who will be sucked in with her. The Administrator tells her not to worry about them, as they're expendable, and she hates hearing that answer every single time.

Juli fails at her objective. During the course of TEW1, Juli decides that she disagrees with the methods of her orders. She knows that if Leslie comes out of the machine, Ruvik comes with him. By the time of chapter 14 in the main campaign, she tries to shoot and kill Leslie inside of STEM in order to prevent that from happening. She fails, and she also is unable to pull Leslie out unscathed. Ruvik gets away in Leslie's body.

    • Though Juli's internal loyalties still lie with Sebastian, she is unable to break free from Mobius's grip and influence and rebel outwardly.

She says as much in the TEW2 trailers: "You just don't say no to them." There's also the issue of Juli coming out of TEW1 marked by Ruvik on her left hand. It's unclear, at this point, what that mark does, but it's tied to STEM in some way and was explicitly put there by Ruvik. Until that's gone, it's likely that Juli can never be free of STEM completely, much in the same way that Sebastian cannot.

Questions/comments in the thread below!
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