Tatiana (the nurse) my thoughts. (Spoliers)

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Tatiana (the nurse) my thoughts. (Spoliers)

Postby AdamStoker » May 31, 2015 1:22 am

So as you know if you have beaten the game at some point the nurse disappears .
This is odd , because she actually worked at beacon m.h. If i look threw out the game to find the missing posters
You also find out she along with everyone important in the game has a poster .... Now judging from my theroy she is indeed a character similar to Myra , Sebs brainwashed wife who works for Mobius . Because at the end of the game Kidman says "Leave these two". To a character who looks suprisingly simmilar to Tatiana (the nurse) so this to me meens shes working for mobius. Along side Myra and the leader of Mobius. The proof is in the exploration. As you reach the end of the game u go threw the becon light house one more time you see first hand the actual chair Seb uses To level up and there you also find the reception desk And where you would expect to see Tatiana in all her glory instead you find a Mobious lab coat. This speaks to me and tells me if or when they make a sequal they will more than
Likely have her to return as the merchent or atleast an important character. Nontheless i cant help but wonder how
They are going to continue the story all i can say after playing the dlc and experienceing it the way i did im 100%
Pumped to see how many twists and turns this game could take.
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Re: Tatiana (the nurse) my thoughts. (Spoliers)

Postby Autoignition » Jun 01, 2015 5:37 am

Sometimes I wonder if Tatiana and Myra are actually really brainwashed at all. Tatiana was definitely taken against her will, you're right about that, but there's something about her dialogue and the way that she interacts with both Sebastian and Juli that makes me think that maybe she's not as sinister as I get the feeling that you think that she is.

But then again there's some crazy part of me that wants to believe that Myra is just undercover with Mobius trying to take them down from the inside, and that she handpicked both Juli and Tatiana for Mobius because she wanted people that she could trust watching over Sebastian. :p

But it definitely seems like she's trying to help Sebastian out, like she's genuinely on his side even though she can't exactly come and say it outright. She's the one who's putting up the missing person's posters, almost like she's trying to remind him how, exactly, he came to be captured by Mobius and put into STEM. And she gives him little hints that there are things other than Ruvik that demand his attention. After all, she's the one who more or less gave him the heads up that STEM is messing with his memories and perceptions.

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Re: Tatiana (the nurse) my thoughts. (Spoliers)

Postby Jocifer666 » Jun 03, 2015 11:31 am

This is an interesting theory, I never thought of it! Hmmmm.

I haven't played The Executioner yet, which saddens me to no end- but given what I've heard and all the loose ends they're ending, I'd count on a sequel.

Going off on a limb, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort or announcement at E3- whether it's a GOTY edition or the sequel's announcement.....But given that Bethesda seem to be heavily promoting Fallout 4 at E3 right now, I would wait until a little after to hear the full fledged TEW sequel announcement. We'll see though :).
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