The Elephant in the Room: Xbox One Reveal

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Re: The Elephant in the Room: Xbox One Reveal

Postby ProgenitorCastle » May 23, 2013 7:05 pm

^^Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Re: The Elephant in the Room: Xbox One Reveal

Postby Cyberote » May 24, 2013 4:23 am

I'm not a Microsoft or Sony fanboy by any means, but the Xbox One is going to blow massively, leaving Sony and Nintendo to take over the gaming market. Microsoft must not have a shred of common sense in their minds whatsoever. No used games without having to pay a fee? Wtf's that all about!? You can't even let your friends borrow a game because they'd have to pay for it.

Not to mention having to be connected to the internet just to be able to play your game when you first get it. The system always being online obviously wont be good if you're in a house with multiple devices that also use internet. It's going to be a massive bandwidth hog!

Oh and let's not forget how Microsoft is seemingly alienating their gamers by putting all this other bullshit into their GAME CONSOLE until it's completely FUBAR and you can't even tell it's a console anymore. Movies, TV, Skype, sports, Internet Explorer, troublesome and annoying voice commands. Who cares? You mean to tell me I can watch tv on my Xbox which is hooked up to my tv? So epic...

What happened to the days where we payed for just a straight-up gaming system? I know Sony is guilty of this as well and so is Nintendo a little bit. Instead of throwing in all this useless crap that we can do with our tv's, tablets, phones, computers, etc. and charging somewhere around $600 for the damn thing, you do something right and give us a simple gaming system for around $250? That's why we buy Xbox's and Playstations, because they are known to be for GAMING.
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Re: The Elephant in the Room: Xbox One Reveal

Postby Saint Ste7en » May 25, 2013 1:22 am

It's OK, guys. We get achievements for watching TV on the Xbone. ... hievements
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Re: The Elephant in the Room: Xbox One Reveal

Postby Mr. Sean » May 25, 2013 1:49 am

Saint Ste7en wrote:It's OK, guys. We get achievements for watching TV on the Xbone. ... hievements

THen I hope they have lots of achievements for Game Of Thrones and Top Gear. They are the only shows I watch!
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Re: The Elephant in the Room: Xbox One Reveal

Postby IkariKH » May 26, 2013 11:24 am

My 360/ps3 are pretty much always connected to the net. I also have a kinect. And I pretty much watch all my tv shows on hulu, netflix or xbox video.

So it would seem the One should appeal to me. However it doesnt.

My system being always connected to the net makes the 24 hour thing or install login irrelevant to me, sure.

But what about when I take my xbox on a trip? Or when i first moved to LA and had no net for a week or two?

I have a kinect sure but unless im using it, its unplugged and off. I hate it just staring at me watching me or listening to my convs.

And based on how I watch tv, all that tv shit on one should appeal to me yes? Maybe, if it didnt still require a cable box and a subscription to a cable provider to use, thus defeating the purpose.

I dont have cable and antenna tv comes in crappy here. Thats why i watch it all on xbox. Making me get cable to watch it on xbox is utterly pointless because if i had cable id just watch cable.

The one doesnt know what its target audience is and is more focused on what is useful to microsoft and devs such as spying on your habits, drm'ing you in every way possible, and making devs happy. It has zero care or focus on actual gamers or gaming in general.

As someone who always preferred the 360 over the ps3, im completely lost on the one. I dont see myself buying one unless it literaly does a 360 by launch and re-evaluates its focus.

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