Human Element: Upcoming horror-survival game

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Human Element: Upcoming horror-survival game

Postby Nemesis85 » Mar 27, 2014 8:05 pm


Who’s behind Human Element
Let’s start with a rather simple question. Have you heard of Call of Duty? If you haven’t, let’s just say C.O.D is one of the biggest First Person Shooter franchises in this young medium we call ‘Gaming’. It’s a franchise with countless offsprings and several hundreds of millions annual earnings.

Call of Duty has had this one very public face for about 7 years. His name was/is "Robert Bowling". He climbed the corporate ladder from community manager to Creative Strategist within the studio that was producing one part of the CoD series (Modern Warfare). Robert resigned in March 2012 and in May 2012 founded Robotoki, his own independent game development studio.

In June 2012 Robotoki announced Human Element.
Here is a short interview with Ropbert Bowling regarding this game:
phpBB [video]

The HUMAN ELEMENT universe takes place 35 years after a zombie apocalypse. Society has begun the slow rebuilding of civilization and the true threat that remains is the unpredictable nature of other survivors.
Choose your role in the rebuilding of society. As a protector. As a scavenger. As a threat.
Whether you choose to survive alone, survive with a partner, or survive with a young child, the world responds to your choices, actions, and individual personality of survival in this open world, scenario driven experience that spans PC and consoles.

Basic Infos about the game
Remember when I said that Human Element was a zombie shooter? Well this won’t be your run of the mill zombie shooter. Actually it won’t be about zombies or a pure shooter at all.
Human Element will be set in a universe that was plagued by a zombie apocalypse. Yet 35 years after the event, zombies are little more than a nuisance. Robert put it this way:

"They are slow, they are stupid and they immobilize themselves long before they get to us."

The greatest danger to your survival in this game comes from other survivors, or rather other “Human Elements”.
You will compete with these other remaining humans for supplies, ammo and shelter. Zombies will be like sideline spectators. Grunting and moaning with little more than a bump on the road.

There is not that much information released about this game, since they have almost just started on the project, but there are a few images/artworks that i found in the official website.
Image Image

Image Image


I will be updating as soon as new info is released. If anyone else wants to add, it will be appreciated. if you wanna check Robotoki on facebook or follow on twitter, you can go to:

or, you can visit the official blog:

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Re: Human Element: Upcoming horror-survival game

Postby Yama » Mar 28, 2014 3:09 pm

Interesting, I actually hadn't heard of this until now. Hopefully we'll get something at E-3.
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