Shinji Mikami doesn't get enough credit.

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Re: Shinji Mikami doesn't get enough credit.

Postby Sumio Mondo » Jun 01, 2013 2:41 pm

skytrot wrote:
Sumio Mondo wrote:Mikami also shepherded Hideki Kamiya into becoming one of the most consistent game directors out there too. We should be thankful to Mikami for seeing Kamiya's talent and taking full advantage of that; he got Kamiya to make RE2 and then instead of outright scrapping Kamiya's vision for RE4, he got him to turn it into... Devil May Cry. And thus, a video game legend was born.

Don't forget Shu Takumi as well. Mikami helped produced all the Ace Attorney games and likely got Takumi his first directorial gig on Dino Crisis 2. According to one of Kamiya's Platinum Games blog post, both him and Takumi joined Capcom at the same time and were both "brought up" by Mikami. I really enjoy Shu Takumi's games as well.

Yeah Takumi completes the Capcom holy trinity. Really looking forward to seeing whatever Takumi does next now, I think he's done with Ace Attorney now and Ghost Trick was a brilliant game. Hopefully a new adventure game IP.
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Re: Shinji Mikami doesn't get enough credit.

Postby Morir es vivir » Jul 13, 2013 9:49 am

Shinji deserves moneys!! Btw i was bored and i did this :twisted:
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