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Re: IGN interview with Mikami and Johanas, plus a new screen

Postby akoron17 » Aug 10, 2017 6:15 pm

SutterCane wrote:In chapter 9 you discover keys to unlocking the way forward without much signalling but the point of no return was pretty clearly marked as the big giant brain door. Technically Chapter 3 was mostly optional, you could use a hatchet to break free the Sadist, kill him and then leave doing nothing else. Chapter 4 was the same way too, you could head straight to Leslie. It was clear always what the way forward was once you found it but not necessarily from the levels beginning. Keeping just those chapters in mind I don't think the structure is going to be too different. The opposite way where the open level is presented linearly, making it being open pointless, is a pet peeve for me.

Yeah, chapter 9 is the one I'm hoping they use as the main reference for the game. It gave you a main goal, but you had to explore to get past it. I like it that way.
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Re: IGN interview with Mikami and Johanas, plus a new screen

Postby Autoignition » Aug 10, 2017 8:12 pm

Mixed feelings about some of this, but you guys know by now what lights my engine. :lol:

Well we wanted a convincing reason for Sebastian to risk everything and head back into the world of STEM. Based off what he experienced in the last game, it’s obviously not one of those places you want to visit again, so the thought that you could be reunited with your child who you thought was dead makes going back inside STEM an obvious choice for the character.

This bothers me, because Johanas should know better than anyone else that there was a reason for Sebastian to go back into STEM already written into the lore. This sounds like corporate meddling to me. Like, yeah, we had a reason, but it wasn't compelling enough. It also makes it sound like the whole Lily thing was a last-minute decision, as opposed to something that was written into the series from the very beginning. That ruffles my feathers and rustles my jimmies. They'd better execute this well, because I am so fucking sour on everything Lily in this game that I can hear my own voice screaming inside my head.

I'm also bummed to read that Johanas wasn't at least one of the scriptwriters. The thing that attracts me to him so much as a game developer is that he's such a brilliant writer with such strong, vibrant character voices. Like, I've called him "senpai" while talking to him on Twitter, and I meant it. The dialogue in both of the DLCs he wrote is so fucking stellar. The DLCs contain my favorite Sebastian and Joseph moments, and those two were only fucking in it for what, like, 20 lines? And Johanas's portrayal of Juli made me fall head over heels in love with her. Total girlcrush.

I'm hoping that, because he's the director, his fingerprints are still going to be all over the script regardless.

The rest of this interview is hype tho. I kind of like the idea of knowing when the moments of no return will be coming up, because nothing irritates me more than accidentally stumbling on the critical path while I'm still trying to exhaust all of the side content first.

You will see my influence here and there. It was a team effort, with John at the helm and me there supervising.

My fucking dream team, fam. I'm hyped.
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