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Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 09, 2017 3:08 pm
by Dusk Golem
So I didn't watch it live (I knew it was happening a few days ago but had spaced on it), I know not everyone keeps up with every bit of info so I'll reiterate a few things already known, and I'll spoiler tag the bits that are more spoiler-full, but here's what I viewed as the important bits while watching:

-Game starts off with three difficulty settings, Casual, Survival, and Nightmare. They mention Casual is more accessible but not easy, recommended for more players just interested in the story and frustrated with getting stuck. They mention if you're a survival-horror fan or have plenty of experience in the genre, they recommend you play Nightmare difficulty, it's been scaled with differences that people more familiar and enjoy survival-horror games should appreciate.

-They confirm when you complete the game you'll also unlock a fourth difficulty setting, it isn't the Akuma Mode from TEW1, but it is very, very hard, they mention unlike the other difficulties there will be limited saves and some new remixed scenarios, but for the rest of it we'll just have to wait and unlock it.

-Aim Assist can be enabled or disabled right when starting a new game, in the demo at least on Survival or Casual. Aim Assist can not be turned on in Nightmare difficulty.

-Now this isn't made clear from what's said, but it sounds when you load your game there's a "Previously..." recap that catches you up to the story when loading your save you can skip or watch. It might be demo specific, but how they word it makes it sound like there might be one in the main game when loading from different save points, and in an interview with John Johanas and Mikami they mentioned there would be some summary of the first game's events for those who jumped into TEW2 without playing TEW1, so maybe there's some recap in this style of the first game as one of these "Previously on's".

-Quick Turn is now in (there was no quick turn in the original TEW), it's... Really fast. Like a quarter of a second, almost instant 180.

-Being observant can wield some fun results, after a bit in the beginning they show what happens if you peer back where you escaped from which has a fun little result.


-Small spoiler on the supposed first chapter of the game (since this gameplay demo starts at chapter 2):
They seem to imply you play a bit in the 'real world' before entering this STEM in chapter 1 of the game.

-This was seen in the leaked gameplay, but I didn't really pick up on it. Your first weapon in TEW2 is a knife, and you get it when
Stefano throws it into you while you're running from the Giggling Guardian.

-Mention three types of 'collectibles' of sorts, first are files to expand the story as well as photos you can view are counted as files (there are apparently a total of 40 'files' in the game), then the keys from the first game return where you can collect them and open up a random drawer in the morgue with an item inside, and there's new collectible slides, which gives you a conversation between Kidman and Sebastian that flesh out their characters (as well as some bonus green gel), but apparently there's some in-game reward if you collect all 11 slides as well.

-For upgrading in this game, you have Green Gel, Red Gel, Weapon Parts, and High-Grade Weapon Parts. Gel upgrades character stats, while Weapon Parts upgrades your weapons. Red Gel/High-Grade Weapon Parts are used for some things to be upgraded to a higher level, they are rarer and sparser but if you want to upgrade the special abilities of some upgrades you'll need to choose where to use them.

-Sebastian's default stamina and speed are initially higher than the original game, but still can be upgraded like the original game.

-More to craft this time, collect more pieces fro crafting like gunpowder to combine with other items to form different types of ammo ala' RE3's system. You can craft on the fly in moments you need it, but you get overall less results on-the-fly, can also craft items at workbenches, which deliver a bit more than when crafting on the fly but can only do when at workbenches.

-Now this was a bit hard to hear since he was responding to it during a loud moment in the game, but re-listening a few times I think they confirmed what was pretty much predicted by many at this point. The game is not running on the same version of the engine as TEW1 did, but the engine being used is apparently custom done by Tango themselves. It had some of the bones of idTech in it, but apparently they've gone further to make their own custom engine from it and improve various things from the original game's engine.

-Now this is an interesting point, it seems on lower difficulties some 'skills' are unlocked immediately on casual to make the game easier, while on higher difficulties they are optional upgrades. The skill this is mentioned for is "Bottle Break", which is a skill where you can use a Bottle like the specialty knives and tazer in Resident Evil REmake when you're grappled by enemies you can use the bottle to smash an enemy to damage them and not take damage from being grabbed. In Normal and above you have to use Gel to obtain this skill, but on Casual you have it at the start.

-For the stealth, on easier difficulties they added an "Enemy Alertness Icon", to let you know when they're unaware, starting to become aware, and aware of you. It can be turned off on easier difficulties, and is not available on harder difficulties.

-Some already knew this, but the new area you enter into in the mirror is no longer the Mental Beacon Hospital place, but
Sebastian's Room, though transitions to a part of Beacon Hospital(?) when you go to interact and upgrade with green gel with Tatiana the nurse.
.And of course, the new upgrade area has the save kitty from the DLC.

-There are 11 Health Upgrades, 10 Athleticism upgrades, 7 recovery upgrades, 10 stealth upgrades, and 13 combat upgrades for things you can upgrade. You use Green Gel to upgrade the stats, and Red Gel to unlock some branches (you can't access some upgrades without using Red Gel to unlock access to certain sets).

-For Health Upgrades, 4 of the 11 are just to increase your maximum health capacity, 2 of the 11 are for how much health you can regenerate when under a certain threshold (this was in the original game, when you got below a certain amount of health near death you could recover a sliver automatically, seems that can be increased a bit if you choose), and 2 of the 11 are a new upgrade where one-hit kill or powerful attacks will not kill you, you will survive with either a sliver or a decent amount of health left (depending on if you get one or both). The last 3 of the 11 'upgrades' are the aforementioned 'lock progress' things you can only unlock with a certain amount of Red Gel.

-For Combat Upgrades, we get to see the full tree too: 3 of the 13 upgrades are Red Gel locks for certain branches, 3 of the 13 are to steady your aim when aiming, 2 of the 13 upgrade your melee damage, 1 of the 13 gives you a new ability to basically curb stomp certain types of enemies like Haunted as a new kill type, 2 of the 13 are for less kickback when firing weapons, 1 of the 13 are for a new ability to hold down a button while aiming to slowdown time (though it needs to recharge), and the last 1 out of 13 gives you a special ability where basically getting a combo ups your damage output, it sounds like your initial shots are weaker than normal but each combo shot made in a period of time will increase the damage more and more, and you can keep this combo up either until you run out of time to keep the combo alive or run out of ammo. To unlock the 'special abilities' mentioned here, IE the Push Kick, Time Slowdown, and the Combo ability, they are cool but are SUPER expensive end of the upgrade path things, and some exists in other trees, they say to unlock them you'll either need to do more than one playthrough as if you try to even out your upgrades it'll be nearly impossible to unlock them in a single run, or to really focus to unlock them but which will leave you not able to upgrade in other basic ways.

-For Athleticism, we see the full upgrade tree. 2 of the 10 are Red Gel unlock barriers, 4 of the 10 increase your stamina bar, 2 of the 10 give you a small chance for Sebastian to auto-dodge certain kinds of attacks so you don't take damage (though doesn't work on all attacks), the final 2 of the 10 them make your stamina recharge faster.

-There are more open levels, but not as much of a 'hub world' as we've been lead to believe. A more accurate description I think is more like the first Silent Hill game, where there's different open provinces that you can access of the town but you're in that province in-between main story chapters and only certain parts of the town during certain story moments, IE you at no point in the original Silent Hill can freely explore the whole town all at once, and it seems like TEW2 is like that where you go through different provinces of Union at different points in the game, which are more open-ended and explorable areas in-between. You enter the first 'province' of Union during Chapter 3 of the game.

-They decide which parts of the first province of Union to show off, they have special names for them, like quest to get the Crossbow, the flashback house, someplace called the Anima House. We get to see the Crossbow quest and the Flashback house, but they decide not to show us the Anima House.

-Small detail I noticed while watching, they pass by an open gas station while playing called "Krimson's.". Any fan of the first game will probably get that reference, and I'm curious what's inside as they don't go inside of it.

-Some of the new Haunted can have special weapons, like we see one that's holding a molotov cocktail it can use against you (or if you stealth kill it or kill before it uses it, you can take for your own).

-Knife is your basic melee weapon, can find hand axes to use which work like the first game where they're a single use but can kill a single Haunted with its use.

-There's some new types of Haunted, including Hysterics, which are far faster, more aggressive, and sporadic Haunted. The one we see is a ghastly woman with a knife who runs and slashes around like a mad woman. They can be taken out in one hit with the axe like regular Haunted, but if aiming with guns this one at least lurches around a lot more and harder to predict than a regular Haunted.

-There's some fun they have in one of the side-quest with the new Poltergeist Laura (my name for it, not theirs), since there's apparently some dynamic AI on the enemy rather than it being a scripted set-path moment.

-There's apparently 15-18 strict side-quest in the first province of Union the first time.


The points of interest I caught while watching, a lot of it was reiterating some stuff known just in a bit more detail.

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 09, 2017 5:55 pm
by dan76
Slowdown and combos don't sound like they belong in a survival horror game, but fuck they sound like fun.

I also like the idea of the hub world expanding the further you progress. Counting the damn days.

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 10, 2017 3:24 am
by akoron17
dan76 wrote:Slowdown and combos don't sound like they belong in a survival horror game, but fuck they sound like fun.

I also like the idea of the hub world expanding the further you progress. Counting the damn days.

I might just skip the upgrade system and everything about the open world is hyping me up...except for the communicator device which makes it seem too damn easy to traverse.

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 10, 2017 5:55 am
by Dusk Golem
Also random thing I just thought about, not related specifically to this video but it just hit me.

We know the buzzsaw Laura's official name is "Guardian", maybe Giggling Guardian. That Laura laughs a lot, so it's pretty straight forward. Meanwhile the Poltergeist Laura sings a lot I notice. So both Laura's have a very distinct human expression, one laughs a lot, the other sings/hums a lot. Think there might be some thematic of different Laura's that do different things, like maybe there's another one that cries and another that screams or something? Just a weird thought, it might mean nothing but the singing of Poltergeist Laura is creepy, and since the sawblade one is maybe called the Giggling Guardian, maybe this Poltergeist one would be called the Singing Guardian, which might fit since the Laura's we've seen so far seem related to specific human sounds.

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 13, 2017 2:54 pm
by Dusk Golem
Sorry for the double post here, but I got some interesting tidbit here.

So the Buzzsaw Laura we know is called Guardian. In this livestream footage they refer to "Anima's House", but I just got some confirmation that Anima is the name of Poltergeist Laura. Also official confirmation that the 'New Haunted' are not Haunted at all, but indeed our 'Lost', or 'Losts'.

But for those curious, the ghost enemy's official name is Anima.

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 13, 2017 3:32 pm
by Rikitatsu
Anima, huh? Weird name...

Is it the same monster that kills Seb at the end of the leaked video?

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 13, 2017 3:54 pm
by Dusk Golem
Rikitatsu wrote:Anima, huh? Weird name...

Is it the same monster that kills Seb at the end of the leaked video?

Yes, and the one in the Side Mission gameplay. It's the 'ghost' enemy basically, the one that can begin moving super fast, can go through walls and doors, levitate objects like a poltergeist, and can kill Sebastian by sucking out his soul.

Anima is actually an interesting name choice, it has several meanings:

Probably here it means 'Soul', or 'Spirit'. But it's also used in psychology. They probably used the term because Anima is both used spiritually and in psyche, and as this is a ghost in a mentalscape it's oddly fitting.

Anima can also mean however the feminine side of a man's personality according to Jung. I'm not sure if that definition is used here, but if it is then that's potentially interesting.

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 13, 2017 4:13 pm
by Rikitatsu
Oh, so technically we've seen Three Lauras... OG Laura, Guardian, and Anima.

Re: The Evil Within 2 Gameplay From Bethesda Livestream

PostPosted: Sep 13, 2017 4:15 pm
by Dusk Golem
Rikitatsu wrote:Oh, so technically we've seen Three Lauras... OG Laura, Guardian, and Anima.

Yup, there's a whole lot of Laura in the game. Technically four, if you include the adult human Laura we see in the mirror briefly in Chapter 2.

It's weird since it' so obvious Laura has SOME big importance to the story, but they're doing a really good job at keeping it a secret since at the moment it's basically the original TEW1 Laura (which I'm pretty sure is from Sebastian's memories), and then just two random monster Lauras that are just... There. I don't know how that ties into the main story yet at all outside of some weird baseless theories on why this would even be happening here. I kind of doubt it's from Ruvik for a few reasons (we see plenty of what Ruvik's mind conjures up and neither of these Laura's look like what Ruvik conjures up in STEM, I also doubt Ruvik would be conjuring up literal ghosts for example from his mind, plus we see an adult human Laura where I don't think Sebastian has met Laura as an adult, maybe he did once he escaped but I have my doubts), and while I think the TEW1 Laura is from Sebastian, I kind of doubt Laura left such an impression on him he's conjuring up all of these Laura's.

I just know it's something super important to the story, and you meet these two Laura's actually really early in the game but it feels like you won't understand why she's even here until later into the game.