Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

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Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby Yama » Apr 22, 2015 4:07 pm


We're giving away three copies of The Evil Within signed by Shinji Mikami himself. One copy for each platform (PS4, XONE, PC).

To enter simply reply in this thread with a brief description on how you came to be a fan of The Evil Within / Psycho Break, along with some of your most fond memories of the game.

Users may only enter once, IP's will be checked. We will grant a second entry to those who have donated to our site in order to keep it running ad free, both past and present. As little as $1 helps as this is a small but active and ad free environment. You can donate on the front page by clicking 'Donate" on the left hand side.

The order in which the tickets are drawn will equate to the users placing, thus the top place will have priority in regards to platform selection. One post per user. If you'd like to discuss this competition, please check the thread in our off topic forum.

Good luck to everyone! The contest is now live and will conclude on May 15th, 2015 12:00PM EDT.
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby Lazarus753 » Apr 22, 2015 4:13 pm

I became a fan of The Evil Within after the E3 2K14 (I believe?) videos came out depicting the introduction to the game. I ended up hyping this game up until release, albeit in a non-committal way. I became a much bigger fan after the game came out and I experienced it for myself. My most fond memories are of my first playthrough, when I would consistently scream or freak out at every turn. The game terrified me because it was my first true horror game, besides the first Dead Space. I wasn't really prepared for this type of gameplay.

I'm psyched for the opportunity to get a signed copy of the game.
"Whoever first thought of killing someone with a chainsaw was a genius."
– Shinji Mikami
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby Gooch » Apr 22, 2015 5:29 pm

I became a fan of The Evil Within back in 2012, when I first heard that Shinji Mikami was finally going to be making a return to survival horror. The original Resident Evil games in the PS1, REmake, and RE4 are among the best horror games ever made, so I was confident that whatever Project Zwei would end up being, it was going to be great.
My favorite memory of the game would have to be that entire first playthrough, the roller-coaster that it was. Everything that made his old horror games was here present, but at the same time it felt new. Fresh, but old fashioned and nostalgic, at the same time. I loved it. Easily my Game of the Year for 2014, and my overall favorite horror game since Resident Evil 4.
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby RipvanX » Apr 22, 2015 5:42 pm

Whenever you see the name "Shinji Mikami" on a project like this, it instantly digs at my nostalgia for survival horror. If Mikami never went into this line of work, NONE of us would be here today to share the awesomeness that is Resident Evil and The Evil Within. I have to say my favorite moments from the game (besides every new enemy encounter haha) was the circus like room with the rotating blade, and the end boss of chapter 10. I literally stood behind the pillar fumbling my thumbs while the monster used its tentacle eyeball to look for Sebastian. That thing freaked me out!
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby SG79 » Apr 22, 2015 5:46 pm

Being a longtime fan or Miikami's works, particularly of Resident Evil, the game was on my radar upon announcement when it was called Project Zwei as a return to form for the horror genre. My interest increased upon learning that Naoki Katakai was involved as well, since REmake's atmosphere stood the test of time thanks to his direction. So I've followed the game since, but to be honest, despite the beautiful media, I wasn't totally convinced of its potential until August 2014 when I played the demo at Toronto's Fan Expo. I was there during set up of the kiosks since I'm employed at the convention centre where it took place, but since I enjoy getting paid, I resisted playing until the event opened and waited in line as an attendee.

The wait was worth it and I spent two hours between the console versions and left impressed. The game played very well and Chapter 9's atmosphere was simply incredible, particularly its lighting direction. Then two months later, I got my hands on the game, which ended up being far more varied than I anticipated. Unlike Mikami's last outing in the genre, TEW made nervous for various reasons and it didn't take long to realize I needed to go back to basics somewhat by converving ammo and take out enemy with a bit more strategy that doesn't involve mere combat.

I could write more to fill a few pages, but I'll just say that Chapter 10's Laura fight was and still is my most memorable bit of the game. Of course, I died enough times in my first outing that the death animation is practically embedded onto my retinas... but it was, fun :shock:
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby Morir es vivir » Apr 22, 2015 5:55 pm

Ok so i just wrote a shit load of stuff, then i go get the mail, i came back and since you get logged out automatically after a while, when i clicked submit all the text was gone when i logged in again. Fuck me!!! xD
Anyway, i love this game to death. I don't want a signed copy of it, i want Shinji and his team to continue been involved with this genre, that's all i want. A sequel for TEW por favor!! ( you're something else). This game needed to happen so bad there was like a blood thirst for something like it, and i must thank you very much for doing it, god bless you people. I will have the pleasure to donate what ever i can to this site just like i have the pleasure to be part of it. Long live Shinji, his team and his legacy. Out of ammo?? :o :D
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby YasuppoiChips » Apr 22, 2015 8:32 pm

Real talk? I haven't played The Evil Within yet. Not in it's entirety. However, I've had the privilege of seeing it at not one but TWO Tokyo Game Shows. For the first one, I was thrilled to be one of the lucky ticket holders who saw the dramatic reveal video. It absolutely blew me away with the atmosphere and questions that it evoked in such a short time, and my white t-shirt that I received is still in the plastic. I haven't felt that I've earned the right to wear it until I actually play the game.

The second Tokyo Game Show I was able to play a bit of the demo. I loved how smooth everything felt, and that there was a random element everytime I died and came back. Nothing was hiding where it was the previous time, and I found new and interesting ways to interact with my environment. I had to give up my spot after a bit of time, but it left me wanting more. I decided to save up to build a proper PC to play the game, as I wasn't sure if I wanted to get an XBoxOne or PS4 just for Psycho Break.

But now I know I'm ready. I have my PC raring to go. All of my friends beg me to please play it so they don't spoil it for me. And a certain white t-shirt is ready to be proudly displayed as soon as I enter into the twisted world of the game. I'm excited and scared and very, very hopeful.
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby robflee23 » Apr 22, 2015 11:42 pm

I have played video games throughout the entirety of my life, starting when I was just 4 years old. When I actually take the time to think about it, it amazes me that I have been playing games for a solid 18 years, but it really is one of my most cherished hobbies. The first game I ever played was Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for the Game Boy. When I wasn't playing, I was watching my siblings play. Mario was a common game in my house with nothing but Mario 64 being played for hours upon hours when me and my brother got home from school. We were always Nintendo guys, never really caring to play anything else other than Mario.

This all changed after one fateful day. That was the day that my cousin, who owned a PSX, introduced me to Resident Evil. At this point I was around 8 years old, still quite young to be exposed to this time of game, and in all honesty I was a complete wuss as a child (I still kind of am) so I thought I was going to be terrified. Before I knew it I was up until 9 AM the next day without looking away from the TV screen. I was completely mesmerized by what I was experiencing. The mansion exploration, the puzzles, the monsters, the atmosphere, I was hooked. Resident Evil became my new favorite video game, and I continued to play every single one that came out after the first one, making my cousin extremely aggravated at me for playing his PSX more than he did.

After years upon years of playing classic Resident Evil games, the announcement of Resident Evil 4 came, which introduced brand new gameplay mechanics of a behind the shoulder camera and crazy amounts of enemies coming at you all at once. Once again, I was mesmerized by what I was seeing, and I've been playing Resident Evil 4 off and on since its launch day of January 11th 2005. It is and always will be my favorite video game of all time, being the only video game in which I know every single in and out of.

After Resident Evil 5 and 6 were released, I was starting to become jaded on the missing feeling of Resident Evil 4. In comes Project Zwei from Mikami himself stating "This will be a return to true survival horror." Since that day I checked to see if there was any news on the game, until The Evil Within was announced. I was like a kid on Christmas feeling that feeling of Resident Evil 4 mixed with old school Resident Evil in one game.

Release day comes for The Evil Within and after playing it in one giant binge session, I once again felt like I was playing the true successor to Resident Evil 4. While it wasn't as groundbreaking as RE4, it was definitely a solid survival horror game that reminded you that RESOURCES ARE CRUCIAL. I know I will be playing it for years to come as well as RE4 and many other Resident Evils, and I can say to Mikami and every one else that was involved is THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have taken so many hours of my life, and I don't regret a single minute of it. Hope you guys enjoyed my story!
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby PreparedforWar » Apr 23, 2015 11:04 am

I've been a Resident Evil and survival horror fan since I first played Resident Evil Director's Cut on Playstation when I was in grade school and I've played every game in the series ever since. As soon as it was announced that Mr. Mikami was making a next generation survival horror title that was a throwback to old school Resident Evil style survival horror (ammo conservation, scares and tension over pure action, etc.) I pre-ordered it immediately. My fondest memories of the game are when I picked it up on release day, went home, turned off all the lights and played it for the first time. I was blown away by the graphics, atmosphere and unique story and I was completely immersed and ready to be scared. I couldn't believe that there was finally a modern game with so many of the forgotten elements that made the genre great in the first place. A few more of my favorite moments are the street chase with the Spider monster which is extremely memorable and fun to play, the first time that Ruvik sent those hands after Sebastian (the ones that come out of the ground surrounded by blood) and finally every time I went to a save room I loved the music and the way the mirrors crack when you look into them. Unforgettable.
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Re: Giveaway: x3 TEW Signed Copies by Shinji Mikami

Postby gunburn » Apr 23, 2015 11:29 am

gonna make it short big fan of resident evil anything from by Shinji Mikami im a fan of it
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