Multiple endings?

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Re: Multiple endings?

Postby mohdfikree » Aug 18, 2014 6:36 pm

I've just thought of the best ending...yet.


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Re: Multiple endings?

Postby Terra2500 » Aug 18, 2014 8:49 pm

mohdfikree wrote:I've just thought of the best ending...yet.


O_O That's new.

Or another twisted ending: Sebastian inherited all of Ruvik's power!
When someone is miserable, they will need someone who is more miserable than them - Sebastian to Delsin (Crossover fic)
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Re: Multiple endings?

Postby 4PP » Aug 18, 2014 10:20 pm

shinji said no multiaple ending ... 19598.html

he say you have to play more than once to understand the story :/

(google translation)
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Re: Multiple endings?

Postby DeHeerser » Sep 09, 2014 7:00 pm

Jocifer666 wrote:If there are multiple endings, these are some I'd like to
A Brutal Ending: Sebastian finds a way to manipulate The Keeper, Rebone Laura, and The Haunted into turning on Ruvick- and they devour him.

A Lobotomy Ending: Sebastian lobotomizes himself to cope with all of the horrors he witnesses. The game fades out to blackness as Sebastian slowly becomes a vegetable- and as The masses of The Haunted begin to swarm around him..

These endings sound awesome! Will they actually be in the game?

Goes to show how important nonlinearability is in a game. Especially if this game has no co-op mercenary mode it will require different choices with significantly different resulting experiences. This was so brilliant about Resident Evil 2: Claire A/Leon B - Leon A/Claire B. To this day the brilliance of that remains unsurpassed. You enter a room with corpse on the floor. In one of the scenarios the corpse is actually a zombie. In another scenario there is no corpse. Or the corpse becomes a zombie later on. Now a room with a key item and healing item. You grab the item - monster leaps through window. Another scenario: you wearily grab the key and nothing happens. Now you grab the healing item and the monster leaps through. Then in the third variant, the monster waits for you in the other room.

This mechanic is so brilliant. And it increases replay value by 300%. Resident Evil 3 had game changing choices, but tbey were limited as there was only one character. Obviously a lame way is to make minor missions of three quarters an hour each as DLC and price them 10 euro each.
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