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Postby Dusk Golem » Sep 10, 2014 3:19 am

DeHeerser wrote:
Dusk Golem wrote:Agony Crossbow was a lot of fun to use in the demo. Could shoot bolts directly at enemies for immediate effect or onto the environment. Some, not all, bolts could be used as traps if shot into the environment. Careful though, as some bolt types can hurt or kill you too if not cautious.

Can you, per chance, tell us more about the bolt types, how they interacted with the environment, with the enemies, and which of them damaged the player?

Sure thing. Demo had harpoon, ice, eletricity, explosive, and flash bolts. Harpoon and flash I didn't get to try on an enemy (but did shoot into the environment, harpoon I predict can stick enemies to walls as it shot out a lot more powerfully than the others, no danger to self or trap value though, flash caused a large flash of light when shot.).

Explosives when shot on an enemy will attach, start beeping for a few seconds, then explode. Explodes other nearby enemies too, but can also explode Sebastian if the enemy is too close. Can be laid as a trap as a motion sensitive bomb for enemies.

Ice solidifies an enemy and nearby enemies into a frozen state that you can then melee or shoot to shatter. Didn't get to try it as a trap, but I presume from a hooting it on the ground it'd be like the explosive but freezin instead. I also don't know this as I didn't try it, but may be able to freeze Sebastian?

Eletricity when shot into an enemy would slowly damage the enemy over time, and I thin it might have popped the enemies eyes after a while, making it blind. Shocks nearby enemies too. Can be used as a trap as a lighting rod of shorts.
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Re: Agony Crossbow

Postby DeHeerser » Sep 10, 2014 5:33 pm

Needless to say, all of this sounds totally awesome. Can the enemies free themselves once they get harpooned to a wall? And if you flash them, can you melee them like RE4/5?
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