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The Evil Within Motifs

Postby Jocifer666 » Jul 15, 2014 12:27 pm

There have been plenty of interesting motifs seen in The Evil Within's marketing campaign so far, as well as in the game's footage. I thought to make a thread devoted explicitly to them- so we can speculate on what they may mean for the game's plot.

Sunflowers: This is first seen in the live action reveal trailer. It is also seen in the portrait of the Victoriamo family, as well as in footage from the PAX trailer.


At 2:10, in this video, you can see the Victoriamo portrait with the Mother holding the sunflower. At 2:10, you can see The Keeper's vault next to a vase of sunflowers.

phpBB [video]

It is my opinion that the flowers represent some significance to Sebastian's past,although I am not the first to speculate as such. I do believe whatever they represent will also reveal that he's also connected with the Victoriamo family- perhaps he's a direct relative of the family, as we've been speculating.......Nephew of the Father's, perhaps? I also think whatever happened in the past is the source of Sebastian's alleged infection- but it lay dormant until his coming back to Beacon.

The Guillotine:


This motif is first seen in the PAX trailer, where Joseph Oda is looking to literally get the axe. If you watch the recently leaked footage from Japan Expo, it's another motif alluded to almost constantly in portraits around the Mansion. It even plays a role in a puzzle, according to the previews from pre E3. I'm not exactly sure what this motif means right now, though it's likely related to the theme of torture prevalent throughout The Evil Within.

The Orbitoclast: This a tool used to lobotomize mental patients. It is seen in the cover art for the game, as well as in various other promotional material. It is also what Ruvick uses to knock Sebastian out, in the game's opening.


Mikami-san has mentioned in interviews that the lobotomy was an idea that really scared him, so the recurring theme of the lobotomy is a product of that, in addition to being a likely plot point. It also plays with the idea of torture.


The Barbed Wire: This is a motif that has been singled out as important by Mikami san and company, as it's prevalent in the game's initial logo, the cover art, and in the enemy designs. I believe it derives loosely from the 1988 horror film Prison, as barbed wire and barbed wire themed deaths play a rather large theme in that movie. It also fits in the much talked about idea of torture, which Mikami san and company have noted. I do believe that the barbed wire is a source of the infection. Perhaps it significantly alters the patient's mental state and makes them more monstrous?


Dual Worlds: This is a motif that is also highly prevalent in the game's initial logo, as well as in the promotional material. It is even alluded to in IGN's E3 2014 video with Pete Hines, as well as in the very first information we ever heard about the game. The Japanese title Psycho Break even addresses this idea of breaking into an unfamiliar and new world filled with psychos and monsters.

Besides that, there is also this- which is taken from the latest demo:

"Two worlds, extracted by a jagged chasm.

Above, faceless spectators mocking the tragedy.

Below, helpless victims losing everything."

Mikami has also talked about how complex the story of the game is, stating that the cause of the horror is not easy to define. Perhaps there are dual worlds that become increasingly blurred over the course of the game, so you're left unsure?

The synopses for the comic book prequel also highly suggests that there are indeed two worlds in the game.

Beacon Mental Hospital's Logo: This seems rife with double meaning, as the name Beacon highly suggests that the hospital serves as a beacon to another world. Here are two pictures of the hospital's lighthouse logo, which seems to suggest such.


Other motifs worth noting are the mannequins, the vault, and Clair De Luna (Ruvick plays this in a flashback, while he talks to Dr. Jimenez....Though I'm unsure what these mean so far.
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