Shinji just Finish What you have Started! =D

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Re: Shinji just Finish What you have Started! =D

Postby SteeLisPain7 » Nov 26, 2012 4:53 pm

Rikitatsu wrote:
Spera01 wrote:Going by Bethesda's track record, I think Zwei may ultimately be a FPS. I can see it being similar to Amnesia. I really hope I'm proven wrong however as I think the gameplay would be perfect if it played anything like 3.5. I definitely think Mikami should revisit ideas like this with Zwei.

The recent job listing for a programmer posision mentioned somethng about wanting someone experienced in programming TPS/FPS action games... So its safe to say its gonna be either third person or FPS.

I doubt its FPS (And its not something I'd like).

If it's going to be another shooter I am going to be really dissapointed, I am having alot of hope for this game to bring back survival horror as I loved it, It's bad enough I had to deal with Dead Island's awfulness (trailer and previews wise)
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