XBox 360 or PS3?

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XBox 360 or PS3?

Postby Morir es vivir » Sep 05, 2016 4:09 pm

Guys, i have a question:

Iv'e been thinking about getting the Last Gen version of TEW for a while now because it does look visually interesting to me compared to current gen. So i was wondering if someone might know which version is the best to go for,
360 or PS3?

When it comes to multi platform titles there's usually slight differences in frame rate, screen tearing, texture quality, texture popping, lightning & shading, smoothness in controls etc... I would love to know which version is best and worst at each task. Thank you in advance :)
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Re: XBox 360 or PS3?

Postby Autoignition » Sep 05, 2016 4:53 pm

Moved this to its own thread. Hope you don't mind!

But having had friends with both versions, the PS3 one has higher graphical fidelity than the 360 version. 360 looks the worst out of all versions of the game in terms of texture quality and lighting, but PS3 has some framerate and texture popping issues (well, they all have that last one actually). Controls are the same for each.
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