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Postby Dusk Golem » Sep 11, 2017 9:10 pm

This is something I've thought about, but I think there's a number of horror fans who simply just don't talk. There's a lot of lurkers on this forum, but also I notice as I end up making a lot of TEW2 topics on GAF that while the topics don't blow up in crazy size or anything, they do generate a lot of views in comparison to other topics of the same length.

Keep in mind The Evil Within is kind of weird, many people think the original game didn't sell great or something since it's not talked about as much, but the truth is the original game has sold over 4-5 million copies. I also notice horror games in general aren't discussed as much as some other genres on the internet, but the sales numbers while not like top of gamings best sellers list are usually pretty solid, every major horror game release in the last few years has sold at least a couple million copies.

So I have kind of come to the conclusion that there's just some silent lurking pool of horror fans who don't discuss much online and just follow news on them/go on blackout and plan to dive in themselves, which is oddly appropriate for the genre.
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