How is the gunplay of TEW2?

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Re: How is the gunplay of TEW2?

Postby Rikitatsu » Oct 18, 2017 10:09 am

dan76 wrote:I've found the gunplay pretty good to be honest. I haven't posted my final impressions of the game yet as I'm still not finished, but the headshots are so damn satisfying. Some if the best gun feedback in any game.


The shotgun especially is way more satisfying than the first game.
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Re: How is the gunplay of TEW2?

Postby ProgenitorCastle » Oct 18, 2017 3:24 pm

Hmm...the comments stating the game is geared more towards stealth rather than combat have me the gunplay is at least decent, not as good as the first game's generally, but the shotgun is more satisfying than the first game's according to Riki...if true, then that's cool!

I badly wish there was a demo so I can experience it myself, but there seems to be none AFAIK :/
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Re: How is the gunplay of TEW2?

Postby berto » Oct 18, 2017 8:54 pm

dan76 wrote:However, this game has one if the coolest upgrades. It's so expensive I think you're only supposed to get it for NG+.
the bullet time upgrade allows you to slow down the action whilst aiming. So you aim, press triangle and enemies move incredibly slow. It uses your stamina bar so it's worth upgrading that as well so you can stay in bullet time longer. It's such fun having two or three enemies charging at you and using that to take them all out with headshots. I don't know if it belongs in a survival horror game but it's a great mechanic. I with they had based the game around that instead if stealth tbh.

I like it, too, but by the time I got it I had all the stamina so it became a bit too useful with practically no penalty. On subsequent playthroughs I might invest the time to buy it early to not break the game.

I just found out that the strategy guide is flawed. Specifically with the maps and key locations. I missed several and I had to go on youtube to find them. Just to make sure it wasn't my fuck up I looked up the segments on the book and sure enough they missed it and I'm pretty sure they missed the others.

I also found a secret spot. At the start of Ch. 15 when you get to the bottom of the stairs of the building, just after the mirror, there is a red barrel. If you shoot it it'll open a spot with 3 boxes, 2 with ammo and one with parts. I think there might be more so I'll be going around blasting every red barrel I find.
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Re: How is the gunplay of TEW2?

Postby SutterCane » Oct 19, 2017 2:29 am

Dan's bang on, game plays way better with that upgrade, also it allows you to see animations and effects in greater detail. I was against it before but it's fun and running out of stamina from using it too much adds a tension of its own.

I don't believe I noticed that red barrel, cheers Berto. I did get the one during the
Giggling Guardian
boss fight that changes the fight into a TEW1 style Laura chase sequence. Second time through so it was cool to see something that I'd missed before that fairly drastically alters the fight. I'll keep an eye out from now on. I just read in the other thread you did this too, you down played it!
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