Weapons Damage, Hit Reactions and Limb Break (gun spoiler)

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Weapons Damage, Hit Reactions and Limb Break (gun spoiler)

Postby SutterCane » Oct 17, 2017 8:09 pm

Editing this to make it clear that this SPOILERS all the weapons.

I'm planning on playing through classic so I decided to spend some time testing weapons to figure out what exactly they do. I tested them on NG+ against the first Losts outside the door of the safe house.

Before I go into specific weapons I should say there is a headshot bonus of 50% extra damage just like the first game but unless you have added to critical instant kills will not happen. Also criticals are only for headshots from what I've noticed. Upgrade numbers stated in game are accurate.

This is all unupgraded unless stated otherwise. Nightmare mode too.


Semi-auto- 6 body shots/ 4 headshots
Laser- 6 body/ 4 headshots
Burst- 6 body/ 4 headshots
Revolver- 5-6 body/ 3-4 headshots
Silenced- 6 body/ 4-5 headshots

With the Revolver and Silenced pistol every once in a while they took one extra bullet to finish an enemy, could've been a missed shot on my part.

There appeared to be damage drop off over distance but it was hard to test and it didn't seem to be the case for the laser pistol.

Hit Reactions

Head- 2 shots to the head bursts it in half causing a stagger. 4 Destroys
Leg- 2 shots to the leg causes the enemy to grip their leg, during that animation you may use the push kick. If you upgrade damage to double then you only need one shot to cause this stun. Continued shots to the leg blow it off, 3 with the Revolver and 4 with everything else.
Arm- 2 shots to blow it off.
That fall down thing where they take a knee- Seems to trigger on 4 quick shots to anywhere, all I can figure.

What a complete fuck up to tie enemy hit reactions to how much damage the player can do, makes combat inconsistent and worse if you don't upgrade.


Sawn Off- 2 body/ 1 head Upgraded- 2 body/ 1 head
Pump Shotgun- 3 body/ 2 head Upgraded- 2 body/ 1 head
Double Barrel- 3 body/ 2 head Upgraded- 2 body/ 1 head

Hit Reactions

Body- Shoot a Lost in the body and it falls back onto the floor as a Haunted would in TEW1. Problem is the shot has to hit the chest or it doesn't work, if you hit the arm too much and that explodes you get that instead.
Leg- Wasted shot, does nothing. Well I imagine it breaks the leg after hitting the same damage threshold as the pistol.

So inconsistent compared to TEW1, no matter where the shot hit in the original it sent the Haunted to the floor. Genuinely hope they patch this because as it is now the shotty is so unreliable and not fit for its original crowd clearing purpose. Good headshots though.


Deals 5 handgun rounds of damage. Same as TEW 1.


Iron Bolt- Seems to do between 2 and 3 handgun rounds worth of damage. Seems to have a unique ability to destroy any limb or head in one shot.

Explosive Bolt- Varies depending on distance. Direct hits seem to do enough damage to kill a Haunted in one shot.

Flamethrower- 4 handgun rounds worth of damage per tap. Seems to do the damage over a short amount time so spamming isn't a good idea.

Assault Rifle- 1/2 a handgun round of damage. Crap.

Melee- 1/2 a handgun round of damage. Will not stun and knock back like in TEW1 right off the bat however if you first dodge an enemy hit then you can stun the enemy once before they strike back with super armour. It works as a finisher or one on one, not bad fully upgraded.

Push Kick- It deals damage but not very much, you can't follow it up with a stomp which feels like a bug. It does give i-frames though.

Magnum- 7 pistol rounds of damage.

Lava Men Hit Reactions and Limb Breakpoints

All this is unupgraded. I'm pretty sure now hit reactions/limb destruction trigger after damage thresholds are met so keep in mind an upgraded weapon or stronger weapon will trigger stuff sooner.

It's worth noting arm break gives these guys a new ranged moveset that renders them less mobile.


Lava men tested had 15 pistol rounds of health

Leg stun- 7 rounds

Head stun- 5 rounds

Arm Break- 5 rounds

Lava man dies before leg destruction or head destruction. These things break when he dies but they aren't the cause.


Chest shots- A chest shot will knock a Lava Man out of whatever he is doing, if you shoot him again right away he will not be stunned again however by staggering your shots you can stunlock him. You can't cause these guys to fall over with chest shots.

Crossbow Harpoon

This is interesting. The bolts will destroy whatever limb they hit. Aim for leg or head shots.

Head shot- Instant kill

Chest shots- Slight stun like the shotgun. Maybe a fully upgrade crossbow could stunlock but unupgraded has no chance.

Explosive Bolts

Do their usual, destroy all the limbs of a lava Man setting him up for a stomp.

That's the only stuff I deem worth testing now I know reactions are based off damage thresholds and what the general damage of the weapons is.

Bit of a laugh with these guys as they have less health during a certain story segment than it takes to break a limb or even cause a stun.


Test had 20 or 21 pistol rounds of health. Couldn't be bothered retesting to figure out which.

Immune to Critical.


Headshot- 4 to stun/ 7 to kill


Stunlock Method- Wait for her to charge at you in an attack animation and then fire. The blast will break her attack animation and knock her back leaving you unharmed. Repeat. Don't shoot if she isn't attacking, if you do she recovers and attacks before you can do anything.


Head shot- 1?

Strange head reaction, it never seemed to hit most of the time. I electrocuted her and then aimed the bolt at the top of her head to get the kill. It's like what counts as her head for the bolt is off.

Knife Arm- 2? The iron bolt can break her knife arm which changes her moveset to one that is easy to dodge. Couldn't get this to work with any other weapon except the magnum which does this in 1 shot.


21 pistol rounds of health.





Bomb Men


Head shot- 5 to kill


Headshot- 1

I'm done, all I was interested in.

Sprinting vs Time Slow

During this testing I discovered that enemies sprint faster than you which makes sprinting during combat more or less worthless. You can still dodge enemies without it by moving left or right as enemies swing at you, so do that instead and use sprinting to catch grounded enemies.

Time Slow on the other hand is fantastic and frankly feels like it's how the game was meant to be played. It actually feels more in line with how the original handled combat and stamina management since it's all about shooting at slow moving targets. They should've ditched sprinting if they were going to screw up the execution and replaced it with the time slow.
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Re: Early Testing for Weapons and Hit Reactions (gun spoiler

Postby SutterCane » Oct 19, 2017 9:05 pm

Well I hit the mid game (Chapter 7) and I noticed some strange stuff. Okay so first off mid game Lost have double health, 9-12 pistol rounds of health. The good thing is that all the hit reaction stuff stays the same. Two pistol headshots to stagger and four to kill, half that if you upgrade. Same for the leg, two pistol rounds stagger and four destroys the leg and half that if you upgrade. Shotguns keep their old numbers too, one headshot to kill.

Where it gets mildly exploitable is with arm shots. Two shots remove an arm. If an enemy has an axe then they drop the axe for you to use. Axe Lost regrow the arm and the axe, you can repeatedly destroy the arm for more and more axes.

So basically after the mid game don't bother with anything other than headshots, leg shots or arm shots if they have an axe.
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