I know this is a little early...

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Re: I know this is a little early...

Postby berto » Oct 18, 2017 5:04 pm

zombifiers wrote:TEW2 is too sanitized compared to TEW1--like you said, it's missing a lot of its own core horror elements; it's accessible and weirdly "clean", which makes me laugh about all the weird goo white stuff as the central imagery in this game.

It's funny you should mention that because the first time I saw the reveal trailer the white liquid just gave me this vibe that reminded me of a Dove soap commercial.
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Re: I know this is a little early...

Postby ProgenitorCastle » Oct 21, 2017 9:26 am

I’d like them to make an entire game out of TEW1’s Chapter 9, just w/ varied locations like castles and mansions, forests, etc. w/ TEW1’s gameplay (I haven’t played TEW2 yet) just w/ subtle QOL improvements that I might detail later in an edit to this post (on mobile as of now)
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Re: I know this is a little early...

Postby akoron17 » Oct 21, 2017 3:57 pm

zombifiers wrote:
This game is good but it could've be outstanding if it hadn't given up the things that made the original what it is, if it hadn't removed some much of it's personality and tried to substitute it with this one, which is the worst thing to happen to Seb since the fire.

TEW2 is too sanitized compared to TEW1--like you said, it's missing a lot of its own core horror elements; it's accessible and weirdly "clean", which makes me laugh about all the weird goo white stuff as the central imagery in this game. It's literally white washing-it's erasing and diluting a lot of the grimier, gorier, unsettling elements that made TEW1 as visceral and unique a horror experience as it was. It was like Hellraiser thrown into a blender with Dark Souls' scattered narrative, and a 1970s grindhouse horror pastiche.

It's not even just that. The overall environmental design lacked so much identity and details. Most of it had the same pattern of plain boring area from america with stains, blood and/or items scattered in random areas, and bodies that are just there. Fuck, I live in small town, america, and there's so much more personality in each household than the entire union area. The random waist high cover really disrupt immersion. Everything just feels too gamey and emersion-breaking. The overall experience is just too dull and bland. There's chapters that are pretty damn great like chapter 2, 9, 11 and others, but everything else feels like the artists gave up. Many of the enemies are completely unthreatening and make me giggle more then creeping me out. This all makes the game just...fun and that's severely disappointing.
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Re: I know this is a little early...

Postby SutterCane » Oct 22, 2017 5:04 am

I could sum up everything I'm going to say by saying my perfect Evil Within is chapter 9/3(TEW1) followed by chapter 10(TEW) over and over until the game ends. Those two chapters are perfect counterbalances and too much of either one is too much.

Chapter 9(TEW2) is good but I can never appreciate it properly because the sequel's pacing is utter crap. You go from relaxed stealth encounter to walking sim followed by a short boss fight and then back to relaxed stealth encounter. It's so one note and it never sustains a succession of tightly designed encounters made to drain you of your resources.
I'd like a return to the original's formula of 3 parts more relaxed gameplay, with the odd minor boss or combat section, followed up with 2 parts high intensity gameplay a la chapter 10. I'm not bothered if the relaxed gameplay is open world but have the open world be filled with more environmental hazards.

Fix stealth by making it worse. Bushes make noise when you move through them, terrible idea to have them be invisibility bushes. Bushes in every stealth game are a level design crutch. Mini boss enemies can only be stealth attacked once, design their health around this instead of the bullet sponge mess flamethrower guys are now. Enemies follow for longer and have better vision and hearing after being made aware, it would be nice if they grouped up to search as well.

Either create better and more varied zombies or don't bother at all and only create freaky monsters. I really like the design of a lot of the monsters both visually and mechanically but they are so underutilised compared to the less interesting zombies.

Remove regenerating ammo in boss fights. Remove regenerating coffee. Design the game around those things not regenerating. Make crafting supplementary and not the only source of certain ammo types like Sniper, Assault Rifle and Flamethrower.

Adding a dodge is like a band aid solution to a problem I'd rather not exist in the first place which is enemies getting into and staying in melee range too easily. Also it would still leave me in melee range which is fine for Dark Souls but for TEW isn't ideal. Improving hit reactions alone would probably help fix the issue.

Nothing like chapter 12 in the first game which I'd say chapter 13( the walking through fire bit) in the sequel is almost a worse recreation of. Also every single time you go into a forced combat section in the sequel they dump an insane amount of ammo on you right at the start, Hoffman hands you 50 handgun rounds. Design the sections before the combat sections with the combat coming up in mind instead. I'm not against boss fountains it's just they way it's done in TEW2 feels like they heavily segmented the combat sections from the rest of the game. Chapter 12 in TEW1 is like this, which is why I hate it so much.

Simply put I prepare for chapter 11 and various bosses in TEW1 because I have to but I don't prepare for anything in TEW2 because every single section in the game is totally self contained. Not good, I want to have to conserve resources and be punished if I don't.

Bring back matches and have enemies stay grounded longer to accommodate match strategy. Very annoying to me that a lot of people refer to them as an irritating mechanic because they think you have to use them on every dead enemy and don't know what they are for. Seriously the amount of people previewing the sequel that mentioned enemies "no longer coming back to life" was maddening.

Ditch all the characters and start fresh if they are going to write a story that ignores everything anyway.

I really like the crossbow balance of the sequel. Smoke bolts are better than flash bolts in terms of being properly balanced.
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