Comparing TEW1 vs TEW2

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Re: Comparing TEW1 vs TEW2

Postby ProgenitorCastle » Oct 29, 2017 9:28 am

You shouldn't be able to kill an enemy by walking past it is my thinking.

So then, you're glad that TEW2 and RE0 leave non-defeated enemies alive when you backtrack to the areas in which they're still alive, as opposed to RE7's approach which the enemies are defeated when you leave the area, and then when you backtrack to that area they're dead, or are replaced with different enemies altogether?
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Re: Comparing TEW1 vs TEW2

Postby extravagant » Oct 30, 2017 3:26 am

TEW2 has lots of glitches! Sebastian tends to glitch whenever he jumps on top of things and tries to land. Sometimes his jumping/landing animation is happening and he's floating in the air when he shouldn't be. Looks like this game was a bit rushed like the first one. Harpoon Bolts (any kind) can be fired and they disappear without a trace or even activating. So many frustrating glitches in this game.

And why call things a stealth kill when you can't kill certain ones? Just rename it to stealth attack not a stealth KILL.

Lots of weird illogical glitches in this game, in a way, they're worse than TEW1's glitches.
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