Odd TEW2 Poster

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Odd TEW2 Poster

Postby SutterCane » Nov 06, 2017 2:55 pm

Well I can't find a picture for this anywhere so I'm just going to type it out, it's plain text anyway. It's a poster in the bar in chapter 7. I've been bothered by this since the games release because it seems familiar to me but I could never figure out where from, driving me nuts.

Your Body,
Your Success

Modern technology affords us opportunities that our forefathers could never have dreamed of... but it's all wasted if you're not ready for whatever life throws at you.

What would happen if you met your future wife just as you were lying in a ravine, dressed in a filthy, ill-fitting tuxedo covered in moss, too out of shape to climb out and propose? You'd cause a time paradox, that's what.

What if the president of the lottery came to your door with a giant novelty check made out to you for all the money in the world, but your apparent lack of care for you own physical well being caused him to recoil in horror, running off into the night, never to return? What if it were the creator of the universe, a being with the power to make you young again? You'd be ravaged by despair.

And that's why we've invented Opulesca. Don't let success pass you by. Because it's not just the body you want: in this world, it's the body you need. Ask your doctor for more information about Opulesca.

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