Really disappointed that for the second time in a row...

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Really disappointed that for the second time in a row...

Postby Stadose » Dec 17, 2017 6:06 pm

There is no extra/side mode for a TEW game. Given how much they addressed a lot of the complaints of the first game (for better or worse), I was expecting for them to address one of the more common complaints: lack of an extra mode to unlock and play after you beat the main story. Yet they didn't, and I just don't understand why.

TEW as a series has such good gameplay, unparalleled by any other game/series in the genre, and it baffles me how they don't show this off by letting players enjoy a mode that's just pure gameplay. Something like an arcade-y mode where you fight through floors of enemies and collect key items to proceed to the next floor until you reach the top. It doesn't have to be an Resident Evil Mercenaries clone, just something, anything. I'd just like to pop in TEW 1 or 2, and shoot/stealth/craft/resource manage my way through dangerous hordes of enemies repeatedly without having to play the campaign mode.

The Keeper DLC for the first game was the closest thing to this we've ever gotten. And that was pretty fun to play in quick bursts between playing the Sebastian and Kidman campaigns and even other games. But I would have loved to play something similar as Sebastian and his arsenal of weapons.

If we get DLC for TEW 2, I really hope we get a side mode where we can play as Seb or Kid, maybe even Joseph.
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