Aiming mode got a change?

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Re: Aiming mode got a change?

Postby yourfrag » Oct 06, 2014 8:09 am

DaveOfTheDead87 wrote:I like the view, makes you more emersed in the character, you still can't run when shooting, and turns gonna be slow, making you feel open to attack, specially from you blind spots. Doing it from the view of Sebastian being in front, was perhaps to cinematic-ie :/

I found this. -Aiming uses Over The Shoulder view. That actually means we are going to see Sebastian's body while aiming and there will be some kind of zooming or I am wrong? Because my english is bad and you can run while shooting.
-Sebastian can also shoot while running, at the cost of massive accuracy penalty.
I really dont wanna have blind spots, I'd hate it.
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