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Re: Bethesda being awesome

Postby Rikitatsu » Apr 09, 2013 1:48 pm

Pete Hines comments on Multiplayer in bethesda's games (a transcript from the OXM UK podcast):
"...You know, honestly, whether its Skyrim, Dishonored, we've done plenty of games that has been Single-Player only" "... I just think at the end of the day people want a really good game, if you can do that, great, if it does really good Multiplayer because that's what it does, then everybody will play it and love it, but there is nobody clamoring for a mediocre Multiplayer or Co-Op" "...Unless we think it really fits with what the game is all about, whether its an Elder Scrolls game or anything, like we adamantly refuse be a part of that trend 'Let's just throw it in there because that's what people expect' "
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Re: Bethesda being awesome

Postby michael_dini » Apr 10, 2013 1:56 pm

peter hines announced today that Bethesda is ready to make some noise in 2013 with games in development by great and exciting teams.this has to be TANGO GAMEWORKS.i think a project zwei reveal is right around the corner.very excited
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