Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby Mortifiedpenguin » Oct 16, 2014 7:42 pm


Story Discussion.

So i finished the game last night and absolutely loved it. It`s better than RE4 imo. The first 4 chapters i wasn`t too impressed with, but the game got better and better with each chapter after that. Im definately gonna finish it on Nightmare and i`ll atleast try to to finish it on Akumo or whatever it`s called too. After i finish New Game+ ofcourse.
Im really loving this game, but the one thing that kind of leaves a bad taste in the mouth is the plot.
I honestly don`t know what the hell the story is supposed to be about to be honest so hopefully you guys can clear some stuff up for me.

From what i could gather the story is basically about Ruvik trying to get into the real world right? Kidman who works for the scientists tries to stop him by killing off Leslie who somehow is Ruviks portal to the real world. I don`t understand what all the other characters are doing in the game, Seb included. They are all hooked up to this machine that connects to Ruviks brain, but for what reason? I can understand Kidman willingly going into Ruviks world because she needs to stop him from entering ours, but why Seb, Joseph and the Doctor? Hell why even Leslie? Since he is Ruviks key to enter the real world why hook him up in the first place? Why not just destroy the brain that was in the middle of the room? Bad writing or am i missing something important?

There are tons of questions that go unanswered. I don`t usually care about story`s in Mikami`s games like RE4 for instance, but atleast that story made sense. This one i don`t know what i just went through. Here are a couple of questions about the story that have been bothering me.

-What exactly are the Haunted? Are they real humans or just Ruvik`s creation? In some cutscenes they look to be real humans like when the Lighthouse light transforms them, But they aren`t hooked up to the machine so what is going on?

-Why do we see glimpses of people in the real world? (Joseph when he talks about suicide and after killing Doctor Valerio)

-Why don`t we get to see Joseph hooked up to the machine in the end? Was he dead all along? Even Ruvik says something along the lines of "Poor little Joseph wasn`t strong enough"or something like that and since Joseph is suicidal maybe he killed himself in the real world and he is just Seb`s imagintion.

-Who hooked up Seb and the others to the machine? Im guessing the scientists, but it`s Ruvik that knocks sebastian out. So isn`t he already in the real world? I thought the whole point of the story was to stop him from coming to the real world. Why is Leslie hooked up tp the machine to begin with. I know that he has been in Ruvik`s mind before, but why hook him up again. So Ruvik can use him to escape into the real world? I thought they were trying to stop that from happening.

-The nurse at the mental hospital turns out to be one of the scientists? Didn`t reall get this part.

-At the Barn fight why does the red memory thing tell sebastian "you did this to us" I was hoping the story would become really interesting at this point, like maybe sebastian was the one who set fire to the barn after his daughter got killed in a fire, but it turns out he had nothing to do with it. Don`t know what that was all about. Also: What is it with all the fire? Most of the newspapers were about fires.

-Kidman tries to kill Leslie at the end, but she is seen walking around with leslie around the city and also at the church. Why not kill him there?

There are allot more questions that aren`t answered and i just want to understand the story as much as i can because im enjoying the game so much.
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Re: Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby Valtia » Oct 17, 2014 10:09 pm

I think fire is simply a recurring theme, because this is Ruvik's world, and at the age of ten, his older sister was killed in a fire. It's something that would have a huge impact on him.

And thank you! about Juli. She had at least three or four chances to kill Leslie, why not try to do it earlier, while dragging him to the church, or under the church, or heck, blow his brains out in the ambulance for that matter? All of a sudden it's, "He's got to die!" when she had plenty of time to do it.
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Re: Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby gonzzCABJ » Oct 18, 2014 2:20 pm

I also thought that, about Kidman. She had the chance to finish off Leslie but she, somehow, wasted it.
About the Haunted: they are real people, or at least the once were. It's what's left of them after they were connected to STEM. You can read this on that Model Viewer you unlock once you finish the game.

About the fire: it is a recurring theme. Fire is Ruvik's weakness after her sister died because of it, and after he also got badly injuried by it. Hence you can kill Haunted by dropping a match on them and hence Sebastian attacks Ruvik at chapter 15 with fire.

About getting hooked to the machine: I am guessing that that was Kidman's and his partners doing. We'll see when the DLC comes out, but it's stated pretty clear, during the game, that other people were trying to get their hands on Ruvik's work. Somehow.
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Re: Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby Mortifiedpenguin » Oct 20, 2014 10:18 am

Played through the game twice now and i still don't know why the hell Sebastian and Joseph are hooked up to the STEM machine in the first place. It's not like they have a purpose being there. It seems like the developers wanted people to come up with their own theories rather than spell it out for you, but it all just feels and seems like bad writing. How did Ruvik knock out sebastian if Ruvik wasn't even in the real world? Why is Jimenez hooked up to the STEM if he is one of the scientists? Why not kill Leslie in the real world rather than connect him to Ruvik's brain and killing him there?

I doubt the DLC will answer most stuff, but i still enjoy the game for what it is. people discussing about the story reminds me of the endless Silent Hill 2 discussions wich were always fun to read.
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Re: Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby DeHeerser » Nov 02, 2014 7:53 pm

I hate to break it to you guys but the story is just bullshit.

I have the impression that the game used to be a whole lot longer, and that they decided to cut it short and include only the most suspenseful moments, and then glued it together with some cutscenes.

This is also why every chapter begins and ends with Sebastian falling through a roof with an elevator collapsing upon him while he sinks through the floor with cities crumbling around him.

For instance in the early chapters a lot of emphasis goes into building the "church" vibe with the evil symbol. Only to abandon that story arch once you actually get to the church.

Chapter 8 is ridiculously short you can complete it in 10 minutes. It is all about a guy who has to fit a medal into an intendation. But they scrapped the story and removed the purpose surrounding that character and just kept the medal for an easy puzzle.

Also the bombs that Joseph defuses lead me to think that defusing door-bombs used to be a bigger part of the story, but they just kept it in because they had to use this Joseph cutscene.

Another example is that you see Joseph running from the keeper in a late chapter, and see him climbing into an elevator/shaft, giving the impression that Sebastian has to complete some important interaction with Joseph. Only to have him pop up very briefly in a scene where he randomly gets shot.

Or take the keeper - the cutscene where you crush his metal safe mask beneath a ceiling is pretty much his final kill. But they switched the levels with the boss fights leading up to this final kill. So that the final boss with the keeper is now the first boss fight.

Also this sadist randomly pops up with a rocket laucher just because they needed a random rocket launcher in the final scene. So they had to find a way to validate it into being part of the game. Even though you already kill sadist before that.

No explanation whatsoever is given for the bloody red guy. He is basically a personification of Ruviks' anger. But unlike the other personifications of Ruviks' anger he can't die. Begs the question why they aren't all immortal like the red blood guy. But okay.

The list goes on.
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Re: Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby CandyLander » Nov 02, 2014 10:37 pm

The only thing that sticks out to me as "making no sense" is this scene

The rest is kind of explainable, really.
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Re: Story a mess or am i missing something? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby Tyrant » Nov 11, 2014 10:28 pm

for the most part i was ok with the story. but it didnt really have that feeling of progression. like when you find out a piece of information and you have to know whats going to happen next. it feels like the story just randomly throws you around. i dont find this a bad point on the game at all, but its something for them to work on if they do a sequel
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