Anyone feel like some of the deaths were cheap?

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Anyone feel like some of the deaths were cheap?

Postby Valtia » Oct 17, 2014 9:51 pm

I'm not talking about the various Sebastian deaths, I haven't seen such varied and gruesome deaths since Resident Evil 4. Keeper's spike to the face? Yikes.

I also don't mean the bullcrap deaths a lot of people mentioned. My sister and I both agree those suck, especially explosives that explode at what seems like a safe distance, but oh no, Sebastian parts everywhere!

I mean the plot related deaths, like:

Jimenez. He's the kind of guy you hate and you don't love to hate him either. I wanted to see him suffer, especially once my theory that he killed Ruvik and faked the fire in his lab to cover it came out to be true. But no, flattened like a pancake just like Mayor Bartlett.

And especially:

Joseph. UGH! My sister and I, once we found the game and realized we adored the supporting male, were both sure he'd die. So we'd be saying it for a year. But that was AWFUL! Of all the ways he could have died earlier, Sebastian stopping him from committing suicide, guillotine, getting hit by the Sentinel, getting shot, getting Keeper'd (which was my thought from the get go), and he gets shot by Juli trying to help Sebastian save Leslie? Not to mention there's nothing else about him, except Sebastian saying that Juli killed him? At the end, Juli says to leave "this one, and those two, they aren't going anywhere," (paraphrasing) I expected to at least see Joseph's corpse in the STEM as confirmation, but no, it's JImenez and Connelly. Seriously, getting shot twice was crap. And they're cops. Where's the Kevlar?

I will say, this, though, I loved:

Laura's death. I did not expect to see it, but it was dark, especially with a villager pointing out he thinks kids are playing in there, and the other saying "I don't hear anything." It was kind of sweet and touching how Laura saved her brother, and it was definitely clear how that could affect a ten year old Ruvik.

Maybe it's just me being picky, but there were some great plot elements, cool dialog (and sucky dialog, but that's always there), really dark lines from Ruvik, but the character deaths were cheesy.
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