Best and Worst Chapters In your Opinion? [SPOILERS]

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Re: Best and Worst Chapters In your Opinion? [SPOILERS]

Postby Lazarus753 » Dec 16, 2014 1:30 pm

Jocifer666 wrote:I'd agree Lazarus. I actually thought the fire arm wielding Haunted were some of the scariest enemies in the game- I jumped each time they fired at me. They reminded me more of Siren than the shitty gun wielding enemies in RE 5 and 6, as did pretty much everything else in the game ^^.

Yeah. I've heard people complain a lot about gun wielding zombies, but honestly, the Haunted are not zombies (as I've mentioned). They're semi-intelligent and capable of wielding sophisticated weaponry. I completely fail to see why this ruins the game. I suppose people equate the Haunted to zombies, which is why they think it's stupid. I'll admit, if I saw an actual zombie wielding a gun, I'd have to hear a pretty good explanation! Otherwise it would be stupid

I still feel like Chapter 8 is the worst. I'm also not a fan of the level with the invisible enemies in the hospital. It drips with atmosphere, but I just don't feel it like I do other levels. That's just a personal preference, though, as I recognize that it's not bad. Chapter 6, for all of its difficulty, has some great moments. You know when you're walking up the cliff path and there's thousands of crows overhead, the open sky, and some ruined and ancient buildings? I absolutely love that part. Also, another cool part, after the frustrating sections, is where you're walking along the ramparts before the guillotine segment.

And I'm going to make a thread about the part later on when you're walking through the underground area with the sacrifices. I've got a bone to pick with Tango on that one
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Re: Best and Worst Chapters In your Opinion? [SPOILERS]

Postby Jocifer666 » Dec 16, 2014 4:58 pm

Bones to pick? Do tell. The sacrifice scene scared the bejesus out of me, which is interesting- because it's a quieter moment in the game's catalog. I'm interested in seeing how it differs on Nightmare.
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