Casual Mode Differences!

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Casual Mode Differences!

Postby DizzyWithin » Oct 19, 2014 7:47 pm

I decided for my fourth and final playthrough, I would go through the game on casual.

One of the greatest differences:

On Chapter 9, when you put both safe dials in. The dials start turning on their own, and the face on the painting explodes. (It explodes on the other difficulties, but the dials don't usually start turning on their own)

I'm not kidding, that literally made the entire play through worth it, it scared the $^#&@! out of me lol.

Thought it was funny that nothing throughout the 45 hours I have spent on this game scared me. And I played on casual, and got the crap scared out of me because of such a minor difference.

I was wondering if there are any other known differences between casual and the other difficulties in terms of puzzles?
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Re: Casual Mode Differences!

Postby BradAKARob » Oct 20, 2014 8:12 am

Guess I am slow. I recorded my survival difficulty time from upload. I just check and it took me 23H 38M and 34Sec's to beat the game, with 79 deaths. I knew I was not great but some of you seemed warp speed compared to me.

I wanted to get as many sneak kills as possible and I did sneak as much as I could throughout the entire game, and I explored ALOT that is why it took me so much time I think. I have already started to play the game again on survival setting. I am very tempted to play it on nightmare mode but I am scared (literally) of the keeper. I do not know if I could get through it on the nightmare setting. When you have to face the keeper for the first time all that poison gas and killing him only gives you about 25sec's to 30sec's of breathing room, I just am not sure if I could defeat him again.

Since I beat the game on survival I got the machine gun and rocket launcher. I am playing it through again on survival because there is alot of gamer points for upgrading a weapon fully, and then upgrading 3 weapons fully, killing 100 monsters with stealth kills, killing 1000 monsters and a few more. All together like 140-180 gamer points. After I beat it again on survival I will try to quit being a baby and beat the game several times on nightmare, I just need to suck it up.

The hardest difficulty I will not be playing you get hit 1 time and you die my skill level is not that good, that I am 100% sure of.

* I thought I would add when you face the keeper and he pulls his own head off to spawn next to you that really freaked me out. I was so scared after that I quit playing The Evil Within for a entire day. I am suprised that jerk did not give me nightmares! : (
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