Regarding the story...

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Regarding the story...

Postby robflee23 » Nov 05, 2014 6:03 pm

Now, me personally I think The Evil Within is a great survival horror game, based on the GAMEPLAY alone. And I'm not trying to say the story is terrible, it just does a horrible job of explaining itself. After I beat Nightmare difficulty, I decided to read all the Models in the Model Viewer, and I just thought to in the holy mother of hell would I have ever gotten to that conclusion if this Model Viewer didn't exist?

As I'm sure many of you know, Mikami is a huge movie buff, and he even has said in the Adam Sessler interviews that Inception was one of his inspirations for this game, and to me the story definitely feels like Inception in a horror setting, which sounds awesome, and if you dive a little deeper into it, it is interesting as all hell, but I just can't understand how they thought this was coherently presented in the game. Especially to casual players.

It's just a shame that most casuals will just play it, say "whatever" to the story and move on, when there is a vast amount of potential here.
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Re: Regarding the story...

Postby DaveOfTheDead87 » Nov 05, 2014 8:14 pm

I have been digging through a hell of a lot on info, the Art book has a great deal of detail I never knew about the characters, which when I play the game now, it does make more sense, but it leads to new theories, which is great. I never wanted a story that was just.. beginning, middle, end with this one. I wanted it to be a mind f*** lol, its about being in a mixture of minds, pasts, stories, and its jumbled. We need to complete the game, but the game itself is a huge puzzle. This is why its, well my fave game so far. I like that if you are really into stuff like this you need to probe around, not just on the game.
It reminds me a bit of The Secret World, a horror MMO. some of the missions you actually had to go search on the internet, to get clues, there was no official site to get answers, it was proper detective work, sometimes you just had to do crazy things from the info you found. Most of the time if you did enough probing, you would get it right, even though you thought it would never work.
I really hope they make another TEW, and looking forward to the dlc, even with the keeper one I am sure we will get a bit more info.
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