Hardest part of Akumu for me

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Re: Hardest part of Akumu for me

Postby extravagant » Nov 17, 2014 6:34 pm

LOL are you talking about the part where you have to defend Joseph and a shitload of enemies attack you??

ohhh yeah I know what you're talking about. this part is BULLSHIT. I spent two days in a row like 6 or 7 hours straight trying to beat this. it was really frustrating. what sucks is you have to survive that ENTIRE part in the beginning and there's no checkpoint when you get swarmed the second time passed the first door.

but the second part isnt that bad. you know that little ledge where you jump from?? just bait them all into your corner and corner yourself, but use the shotgun to blast them all away and throw a grenade, agony bolts, and more shotgun blasts so they stay away from you. you should also use flash bolts at times

yeah that part is probably one of the hardest parts in all of akumu. I think I died like 200 times.

here's my friend playing. I tried to record me playing too but I gave recording after like 100 deaths.

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Re: Hardest part of Akumu for me

Postby Panda evil » Dec 15, 2014 9:12 am

Hey man i agree totally on akumu highlighting all the games flaws, but on the bright side once you beat on akumu you become a never dying god on all other difficultys.
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Re: Hardest part of Akumu for me

Postby PLAYERddrk » Dec 20, 2014 9:47 pm

Wow, after beating this once on survival and nightmare mode, I took on the Akumu challenge - end results attached.

After getting through nightmare mode, I think I had some great prep under my belt for Akumu. Overall, this was challenging but I think with the right focus on upgrades and patience it is very doable. As a matter of fact, I blew through the traditionally hard parts like Chap 6 burning room and Sentinel fight. Quell and chapter 11 gun zombies were also manageable. The places I really tallied up the deaths were the stupid trap-heavy areas like the Chap 13 kitchen (hated this!), or that horrible eyeball/tripwire maze at the end. Chapter 10 got me killed the most. That second Laura fight is basically a "trap" area in that you have to perfectly execute timing and get a little lucky to make it through, and it all happens so fast! Man, I hated this part, she is so damn scary.

Some tips:

Chap 2 - Bottle throw. Learn this and master it here. You can sneak kill many enemies with either direct hits to the head, or by throwing it and sneak killing them from behind. I didn't fire a single bullet in this chapter, and hardly any in chapter 3. Practicing with those bottles saves many headaches later on.

Chap 6 - Get your sprint to level 4, as well as your flash bolts. NOT killing enemies is the key to this one. In the first room, shoot the barrel immediately and light up the first couple of haunted. Next, 3 will come through the windows but don't kill them. Stand in the corner near the flash bolt and fire a flash bolt straight at your feet once they are all in. Then, run near Joseph before they wake back up and shoot one more flash bolt once they charge you in the other corner. By the time they wake up from your second flash bolt, Joseph should have the door unlocked so rush through.

On the second floor, it's a bit more of a free for all but the same theory applies. Run around until there are approx five enemies in the room and fire off your first bolt. I had level 4 bolts so I took the opp to gather supplies in the corner. Fire off another flash bolt once they wake up, repeat until Joseph opens the door, and you should be ok. I used a total of five flash bolts and one pistol bullet in these two rooms - I think I could have gotten by without the 5th flash bolt, but it felt much safer.

On the dog, I dodged his immediate attack and got to the opposite side of the arena. Once he charged, I blasted him with my shotgun to knock him down (don't waste electric or frost bolts on him). Once he was down, I timed 3 explosive bolts so that each time he stood up, one would blow and knock him back down. I actually got this guy on my fourth shot using this strategy - he never got to attack me once after his initial lunge. Like I said, bolts (other than explosive) really let you down here. He does this crazy jump when he wakes from the frost or electricity that makes him hard to target. This guy is relatively weak, so stick to explosives and high DPS weapons to knock him down once and keep him down.

Chap 11 - The trolley ride can rack up a lot of deaths. By this point of the game I had put some excess gel into my pistol aim and this was crucial to getting me through this spot. Wait until enemies are close to the edge and one body shot will knock them into the hole underneath you. I shot 1 explosive bolt into the top left corner where the machine gunner and Molotov guy appear at the end and this blew them away for me. I actually just crouched down and the other gunner on the right couldn't even hit me here. This area can be tricky, but it's all a pattern you can learn and execute - much easier with extra pistol aim in my opinion since you can't get close to these guys.

Chap 14 - Quell can be annoying, but I used a frost bolt and unloaded magnum ammo into his head. He died as soon as he thawed out... It was a good confidence boost going into chapter 15.

Chap 15 - For the gauntlet section, trapping enemies where they spawn is the key here. This will let you torch almost every bad guy with your matches, or just freeze them in one shot. Just drop a electric trap at their feet and burn away. You do have to be conscious of one gunner and another guy who has a crossbow armed with explosive bolts. I sniped these guys from a distance to be safe. The others are a joke here as this level design is totally in your favor.

Double keepers was actually a joke. I placed two explosive bolts in their path (4 total) and then triggered their spawn. I had a level 4 damage magnum with an upgraded fire rate. I put 4 or so rounds in one and he didn't even trigger my first bomb. The other one took only a couple bullets after blowing up my traps. They never even made it out of the blood pool.

Anyways, this was a good challenge. One trophy left until platinum! Good luck to all those who are working on this.
Playerddrk Akumu results
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Re: Hardest part of Akumu for me

Postby rushinplay » Dec 29, 2014 3:01 am

thanks for those tips, the only way I realize anything in this game is after 3 or 4 deaths..
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Re: Hardest part of Akumu for me

Postby PLAYERddrk » Dec 29, 2014 1:40 pm

rushinplay wrote:thanks for those tips, the only way I realize anything in this game is after 3 or 4 deaths..

True. If you've got the patience to do a separate playthrough, playing through once on Nightmare mode will really save a lot of time/headaches on Akumu. Nightmare mode is same as Akumu in terms of enemies and trap placement, minus the one-hit kills. It gives you a better sense of where all the (BS) traps are, and gives you a little more time to develop a stratey and figure our what works/doesn't work. Like you said though, rinse and repeat will get you through. Unfortunately that means dying a dozen times to clear one checkpoint...
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Re: Hardest part of Akumu for me

Postby dan76 » Jan 15, 2015 12:25 pm

I hadn't played TEW since the middle of November. If I'm honest, after loving my first playthrough on survival difficulty I found Nightmare mode a bit of a chore. Newgame+ kills the game because there's no scrapping through, it's all too easy - so I didn't really know what to do with the game. It's not RE4 and can't be enjoyed over and over again in that way.

So after abandoning Akumu half way through chapter 2 I thought is give it another go as the DLC is taking way too long and I've an itch that needs scratching.

I started on Akumu a few days ago and I'm enjoying as much, if not more than my first playthrough. It's been long enough now that I accept the game for what it is rather than what I wanted it to be. Parts that I though were tedious previously (chapter 8) take on a whole new light when played in Akumu. The fear and tension of trying to make it through and finally succeeding is amazing in this mode. Every damn bullet really does count in this, and I'd say half my deaths are from trying to get through an area by using as little ammo as possible rather than using the weapon that I know will work. I'm about to start the dreaded Chapter 10.

So far the most difficult parts have been chapter 6 sniper section after the burning house (which only took 6 flash bolts) and dog fight - took over 3 hours to get through. Also the fight whilst Julie is trapped in the water tank was really tough, and the barn fight at the end of chapter 9. The game seems epic again after playing a newgame+ where it felt like cut scenes were interupting gameplay all the time.

I've upgraded max flash bolt, stamina, handgun damage and crit (just because it's the weapon I enjoy using the most and you get more ammo for this gun than any other). I've also upped the stock of both handgun and shotgun. Not too sure what to upgrade next. I crap with the sniper and it seems powerful already.

OK, I just finished my Akumu run - 25 hours and 345 deaths! I will say in my defence that I killed everything, didn't run through any section. I wanted to take my time and enjoy the game again as it had been long enough that I'd forgotten some parts.

Chapter 10 was great. The Laura fight was fairly easy - once I got to the last room, I would immediately throw a bomb in the corner where the lever is to destroy the trap. Once Laura spawned it was just a series of shock bolts to halt her in her tracks. Took quite a few though.

Chapter 11 was pretty bad. I'd say I lost a ton of lives here. The part with the shutter that keeps opening emptying the cage above took hours, plus the tram ride after.

Chapter 12 - the jeep turret section was as glitchy as hell. Truly awful. Getting to the jeep was bad enough, but the number of times I died when I have no idea what hit me. It was purely by fluke that I ran back to the jeep and took out the last wave of zombies using the turret gun - didn't realise you could do this. This section also took hours.

The rest wasn't too bad. I'd say the first 10 chapters were more enjoyable in this mode as enemies with guns are ridiculous, completely unfair and cheap in Akumu. The fact that you are still given useless health items shows that Akumu was probably just an after thought. They could've done something a bit extra with this mode, but it really is just Nightmare with one hit deaths.

Still, it killed 25 hours of my life in an enjoyable way. I will never play it again though.
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