My thoughts on the game's flaws

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My thoughts on the game's flaws

Postby Lazarus753 » Dec 16, 2014 1:17 pm

For a while there, I was defending this game and ignoring or disregarding its flaws. I guess I fell into the trap of fanboyism, but I swear to god, it's only because I absolutely love the game :lol:. Kind of shows my maturity level that I let it creep past my logic. I've sobered up, though, and I'm willing to admit now that the game does have several flaws. Besides matches not lighting (which is lame), the game could use a lot of minor work in terms of its technical details. I can't remember everything, but Seraphim17 mentions a lot of stuff that I agree with on his Akumu no upgrade/keys run on Youtube (you should really check it out if you haven't, it's awesome).

Most of the game's problems really show on Akumu, but I guess that's the nature of the beast. I feel like Tango GW should have spent a little bit longer on development, just to polish everything up. I still think the story is next to flawless, due to my affinity for anything mind melting or trippy. I dream almost every single night (as in remember them), so I really love the dreamlike visuals and transitions. That's why I love the story, it's like a living, breathing nightmare.

I'm guessing no one will post a reply to this, but I just thought I'd get my thoughts out there for the record. I'm hoping to start some type of discussion
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Re: My thoughts on the game's flaws

Postby FadedBlackangel » Dec 16, 2014 1:38 pm

That's what I was saying in the other thread a while ago. But for me, what bothered me the most was the bus part on the chapter titled "The Ride" where your trying to fight off the Haunted before Joseph gets shot. What bothered me was that randomly Sebastian would flinch. Sebastian would just lock up and not move for a moment. It got me killed just about every time he did it, and it made what would have otherwise of been a fun challenge into something really annoying.

Also when the camera would force itself to turn got me killed more than a few times on that part. That's one of the worst chapters in my opinion.

Overall great game though.
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