Juli's Consequence...

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Juli's Consequence...

Postby DampRevil » Dec 31, 2014 11:40 pm

To start, I don't know if this needed a whole thread, but I thought I'd make one anyway.

I was playing The Evil Within and I starting thinking about Juli's campaigns. I began thinking about how her file mentioned that she's aware of the consequences if she doesn't complete her mission. I'm aware that the consequence is probably Ruvik escaping into the real world, but I can't help but think that Mobius would have some form of consequence towards Juli for allowing Ruvik to escape. I took the liberty to create my own scenario regarding her consequence.

The beginning of The Assignment would start with a scene between the head of Mobius and Juli. After being briefed about her assignment, he begins to question her alliance with Mobius.

Head of Mobius: Do you stand with Mobius?
Juli: I do. I made my choice.

Fast forwarding through The Assignment and to the ending cutscene of The Consequence, it is revealed that Juli failed her objective by allowing Ruvik to escape into the real world.


A MAN is seen walking down a hallway, the camera positioned behind him as he walks. The hall is dark, lit only by a dim overhead light swaying eerily above. Before him, at the end of the hall, is a single metal door. As he begins to open the door, the camera pushes through him as his footsteps are heard off-screen. The camera continues forward and towards JULI KIDMAN. She is restrained to a chair in the middle of the room. The camera stops within a foot of JULI'S face, simultaneously with the MAN'S footsteps. The screen goes to black, the following dialogue reveals the MAN to be the head of Mobius.

Do you stand with Mobius?

I don't. I made my choice.

The end credits begin to play.

My thought behind this particular ending was to show the severity behind Ruvik's escape. After seeing Juli fail her mission, Mobius sees Juli as invaluable to their organization. And knowing what she knows, they can't allow her to go free. Much like Sebastian's ending, Juli's would be left up to interpretation as well.
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