Real Time vs Pause Menu

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Which would you like to see Psycho Break use?

Real Time Inventory Management
Pause Menu Inventory Management
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Re: Real Time vs Pause Menu

Postby skytrot » Apr 22, 2013 5:55 am

I personally prefer real-time just cause it provides that tension whereby one needs to know when exactly to manage items and resources. I think a good example is what The Last of Us showed with it's weapon crafting menu.
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Re: Real Time vs Pause Menu

Postby FadedBlackangel » Apr 23, 2013 12:07 am

If it's real time I'd much rather have it be like Biohazard 5 system, 6's real time system was just horrible. Was just a big freakin circle that was a pain to cycle through, in Bio5 everything seemed accessible, like you knew where it was all the time. But in Bio6 everything was just scroll up or to the side until you found what you wanted. You had no idea where it was but you knew if you just kept scrolling you'd find it eventually..
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Re: Real Time vs Pause Menu

Postby PrerendeRED » Apr 27, 2013 6:28 am

Only Pause Menu. And static camera angles... and prerendered backgrounds. Yeah, dream on, I know...
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Re: Real Time vs Pause Menu

Postby IkariKH » Apr 27, 2013 5:16 pm

I prefer real time inventory. Its faster and more realistic as you cant just stop the game at will and catch a breath.

And regarding RE6's inventory, I have zero problems with it because the ONLY time you ever need to access it is to delete ammo to pick up something else which isnt that often. Everything else was streamlined to be able to do it in game. There was never a need to use the menu to mix herbs because the game auto mixed the best combo for you with the press of buttons.

Switching grenades or to a FAID isnt an issue as its no more than a quick swap in reality.

I much prefer those menus over the old style which lagged and made you spend more time in them and took you out of the endeavor. Yea maybe you were delaying it but youre still taking your time to take a breather while healing yourself to take a hit you wouldnt otherwise survive, equip your gun of choice and fully reload it so you can unpause and be right as rain to deal with the situation.

It just removes part of the tension that way because its too 'safe'.

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Re: Real Time vs Pause Menu

Postby yuri102010 » Apr 28, 2013 4:28 pm

The Pause inventory has been used in Dragon's Dogma and using it for that game makes you sooo over powerful when your like um using herbs and stuff while action is on pause. I would prefer that it would be more real time style or have a feature where the main character is going through the inventory and suddenly a monster pops up and forces the player to use real time but have pause inventory when there isn't a monster around but yet...its double dipping in both >.<;;;

I just can't decide on that one yet >.<;;
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