Bethesda Blog Post: Echoes from the Past

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Bethesda Blog Post: Echoes from the Past

Postby Rikitatsu » Aug 26, 2017 5:35 am


Bethesda has posted a new blog post about The Evil Within 2, titled "Echoes from the Past". Check it out below.

Bethesda Blog Post | Credit: liontamer
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Re: Bethesda Blog Post: Echoes from the Past

Postby Dusk Golem » Aug 26, 2017 7:26 am

I've been thinking what this blog post tackles as something I hoped the sequel would touch on for a while, and happy to see it may actually be so. They've talked a lot about giving Sebastian personality and feeling more like a character, and that his side of things will be more psychological horror. One big aspect of many psychological horror works is a person struggling with their own internal conflicts, but in a place like STEM those internal inner demons can become external monsters and actively hurt others.

Sebastian is the only character connected to Lily's STEM who was in Ruvik's STEM, that was what I thought the angle might be and this article establishes that. Which means his own demons on the incident are coming to life, the things that are a reflection of Beacon, his past, Ruvik's STEM, and the like are all Sebastian's doing. Anything that might come from this is inadvertently his fault. Sebastian wanting to do something, cling to something, get his life together in some way in some quest to save his daughter, wanting to go in single-handily as a damaged but good-willed man to save his daughter may actually be pretty destructive.

It's been kind of a theory of mine to see if things play with this, but this touches some on that (among other things). I've been thinking there's a lot of potential TEW2 can tackle if one of the faucets of focus it has is on the toxicity of the mentality Sebastian has fallen in. To play with something that's been on a rise in video game narratives in the last few years, IE the damaged father and daughter relationship in violent worlds where this relationship is highlighted as something to be fighting for or how to be a good father. But that mentality is potentially quite toxic and destructive, which can be handled in an interesting way when put in a world where the subconscious literally can become destructive.

To be seen if the game goes into this, and I know there's more to it since one of Sebastian's enemies in TEW2 that's becoming increasingly apparent may be himself, but to see if this ends up playing any role in the final game.
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