Bethesda E3 Conference for 2017 Confirmed!


Bethesda confirmed on Twitter that their E3 showcase will be returning on Sunday, June 11, 2017. Last year's conference announced Prey (5/5/17) and Quake Champions (TBA) as new installments in their lineup, with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it confirmation of a new Wolfenstein. With precious few new titles likely to remain in their arsenal of pending announcements, it's probable that we'll finally see the unveiling of their worst kept secret, The Evil Within 2. If so, we could very likely be looking at a 2018 release date for the much-anticipated sequel. Will it really have been four years already?


Pete Hines: TEW Sold Well Enough To Warrant A Sequel


In an Interview with Finder, Pete Hines of Bethesda was asked if The Evil Within had sold well enough to warrant a sequel, and Pete answered "Yes!" without hesitation. However, he did not confirm or deny if a sequel is actually in development. This is most likely the first time Bethesda have commented on TEW's sales performance.


Bethesda E3'16 Conference | Livestream


E3 is upon us, and rumors about Tango's next game announcement have been contradictory, we've got NeoGAF member kiri who has proven to have a connection to Tango Gameworks and is privy to their inner workings, and he says that Tango won't unveil their next game at E3. Meanwhile, Eurogamer, one of the biggest gaming websites out there, claims that the TEW2 will be announced at E3. Who is right? we'll find out tomorrow, on the 12th. You can watch the Bethesda conference LIVE by clicking the links below at 3:00 AM BST / 7:00 PM PDT. Be sure to tune in!

Time: June 12th, 3:00 AM BST / 7:00 PM PDT
Livestream links: Youtube | Twitch

Eurogamer Rumor: The Evil Within 2 to be announced this E3


Eurogamer has heard through the grapevine that The Evil Within 2, alongside a sequel to Wolfenstein and Prey 2 will be announced at Bethesda's E3 conference next week. It's the first rumor about the game coming from a major outlet.

Source: Eurogamer

Rumor: Tango's Next Game Won't Be Revealed At E3


In another post by kiri, a NeoGAF user that proved to have reliable inside knowledge of Tango before, he claimed that the new game/sequel from Tango won't be featured at this year's E3 show. He also claims the game is still Survival Action, and it just finished the planning phase few months ago... Now It's in the process of early to mid development.

Source: kiri's post | Tip: timur72299

NeoGAF insider claims The Evil Within 2 is in development


John Harker, a known insider in popular gaming forum NeoGAF, claims he saw some "stuff" from The Evil Within 2 a while ago. "I saw some TEW2 stuff awhile ago so I know it was planned but I'm a bit disconnected from that for awhile".

We will update this post if more details regarding this rumor trickle down.

Source: NeoGAF

Rumor: Tango are working on a 'Survival Action' title


This rumor comes from NeoGAF member "kiri" , who has a rock-solid track record for Tango rumors. Apparently, Tango Gameworks are developing a Survival Action title (though he've been told plans could change), and are a maximum of 12 months in development. It's unclear whether its a New IP or an action-oriented TEW sequel.

Source: kiri's post

Tango Gameworks' Official Website Re-Launched


Tango's official was down for a long time and used to re-direct to The Evil Within's official website, but today, it's back online, and it got a face lift. The new site contains interviews with staff members, a recruitment page, and a statement from Mikami, where one get the impression he might not direct the next project. Some pages are available in English, as well as Japanese, we will update this post if the entire site gets an English version, in the meantime, check it out in the link below.

Tango Gameworks' Official Website

Bethesda E3 2016 Conference Dated


Bethesda announced they are hosting a conference at this year's E3, which marks their second E3 conference (The first was last year). At last year's conference, Bethesda announced Dishonored 2, and revealed the first gameplay for Fallout 4 and DOOM. There is a chance we might get to see what Tango Gameworks has been working on at this year's conference, which will be held at the 12th of June.


Shinji Mikami voiced the character Takahashi in Fallout 4


Slow news day! (Or year?) if you have played Fallout 4 you might have met a Robot in Diamond City by the name of Takahashi, he simply says nothing besides "Na ni shimasho-ka?" ("May I take your order"). Turns out he was voiced by Shinji Mikami himself. Watch this short clip by Ikumi Nakamura as Mikami records his line.

Mikami's Line Recording (Video) | Takahashi's in-game voice